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Poor timing

Allie’s been coughing for about a week and a half now, and she’s had a runny nose off and on. Today it seems the cold has caught up with her. What a way to spend your birthday weekend! The nose really started running yesterday before her party. Today its worse and Allie’s actually taken two naps. Not only that, she’s very content to just sit on Mama or Dada’s lap for long periods of time. She never sits in one place long, especially someone’s lap. Thats how we know she is sick. Poor baby!

We had planned a birthday brunch for today along with giving Allie the rest of her presents. But both those events have been canceled and will happen next weekend instead. It’ll be like a week-long birthday celebration, except that she’s got a cold in between! We didn’t dress her up in her Halloween costume today either. If she goes to daycare tomorrow, we’ll dress her up for that. I hope she gets to wear her costume somewhere. What terrible timing!

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Birthday girl

It was a crazy, hectic day. But it was also great. All the preparation was worth it. We had a really fun party for Allie and she definitely enjoyed being the Birthday girl, though she faded fast toward the end. We took some great pictures and video, but it may be a day or two before I post it. Mama and Dada are tired.

We’ll do more celebrating tomorrow with a birthday brunch and giving Allie our presents. Everyone, the birthday girl included, was too tired to do more celebrating tonight.

I went back and read Allie’s birth story just now. You can read it by clicking here, if you wish. Two things jumped out at me. First is that I was such a wimp! But the second is the miracle of our little girl. So many things tried to go wrong in her birth, but everything turned out perfect. She’s our angel and she’s 1 now!


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Today you’re 1!

Dear Allie,

Today is a very special day. Today you’re 1! Its been a very special year for all of us. Dada and I have loved watching you grow over the last 365 days.

When you were really little, you slept and slept. You dressed up for your first Halloween in the hospital. You were a little, cute, pink skeleton, though only for about 20 minutes. You probably don’t remember because you were sleeping. But I remember.

We took you home from the hospital where you met Monk for the very first time and dressed in your Colts gear right away. We rooted for the Colts in the Super Bowl, but they lost to the Saints. We didn’t mind though because we like the Saints too.

You wore a pretty dress with a headband and satin shoes for Christmas. We couldn’t do much for Christmas, but it didn’t matter. We got the best present under our tree.

You met Santa and you weren’t impressed.

Everyone was so impressed by how you got along with the Easter Bunny. We called you “One Take Allie” because you smiled right away when they took your picture.

I went back to work in January and it was tough on all of us. But we made it work. You were always growing and learning new things. Over a few months you rolled over, then you scooted and finally crawled. Nothing was going to stop you! After awhile you learned to stand. Just a couple weeks ago you started to walk and now you’re practically running!

We’ve tried new foods. Remember the first time you had rice cereal? You didn’t know what Mama was putting in your mouth! After a few tries though, you liked it. And off we went to try new foods. You liked squash and pears the best.

You jabber constantly. I love how you’re always smiling and laughing. Every morning in the car you take off your socks and we have to put them back on before we can take you into Bridget’s! We finally got you some shoes in hopes they would keep you from taking your socks off. But this past Thursday morning you figured out how to take your shoes off!

We’ve taken some fun trips. We went to the aquarium in Milwaukee and played on a ship. You got to help steer!

You really love the playground, especially the swings. I bet you’d swing all day if we let you. But we can’t because if you stay in it too long, you start turning a little green!

 We’ve gone to the zoo a lot and had lots of fun looking at the animals.

You’re already sharing in Dada’s love of football. Touchdown!

I love having you at my races. Some day we’ll run together, but only if you want to.

You’re so smart and funny and cute. You found a secret passage and kept sneaking past Mama and Dada to get to the forbidden kitchen!

I love how you entertain yourself and us constantly. I love your funny faces.

Allie, the past year has been amazing. Its been so great to go through all the pictures, all the memories. I can’t pick my favorite. They’re all my favorites. You’re growing up too fast, but I’m excited to see the kid you become. Happy birthday baby!


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Friday Flashback: The day it all began

Around 6 a.m. Oct. 29, 2009, I went back to bed after being up an hour or so, unable to sleep. It had become a pretty regular occurrence as I had gotten more uncomfortable in bed. I started to feel what I thought could be my first real contractions. I tried to time them but they weren’t regular and I fell asleep. I woke up a few hours later and they seemed to be gone, but my back was really sore. Turned out I was right, but the whole process took a looooong time.

I remember random things about that for the most part normal day. Doug came home for lunch and I made a frozen skillet meal and heated some garlic bread in the oven. I burned the side of my hand on the oven door taking it out. I told Doug I thought I’d been having contractions, but they weren’t regular, it wasn’t time to go yet and it could have still been a week or more. I met a friend for coffee in the afternoon and afterward mailed the second batch of thank you notes from my baby shower. I had the feeling I’d gotten them done just in time. We had Little Ceasar’s pizza for dinner and I spent the evening laying on my side in bed while Doug finished packing the hospital bag. Called the clinic and the doctor on call told me I could go to the hospital because I thought I couldn’t talk through the contractions. We were sent home with a sleeping pill and I later found out what its like to REALLY not be able to talk through a contraction (and that a sleeping pill doesn’t help when the contractions get painful enough!)

Almost 39 hours after that first real contraction, I finally had my baby in my arms.

That day made the terrible year of 2009 completely worth it. Giving birth was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I was blown away by the intense love I felt for my little girl. I still am blown away by it even now.

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Allie is getting so cuddly lately. Tonight when I was picking her up to take her to bed she snuggled up against me and gave me a hug! And she was all about Mama tonight, she didn’t want to hug Dada. Her other new trick is the drop game and walking in circles. It is so amazing the new things she’s doing every day. Just under 48 hours until she is officially 1 year old!!

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Birthday cake

I’m baking Allie’s first birthday cake, using a recipe from the What to Expect book. Its a carrot cake and uses wheat flour, wheat germ and apple juice concentrate, to name a few of the ingredients. I honestly don’t know how people cook all natural all the time. The ingredients are expensive! I didn’t even know what wheat germ was or where to find it in the grocery store. Its a layer cake, which I’m both excited and nervous for. We’re ordering a second cake as well, but I was definitely going to bake Allie’s first birthday cake.