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Today’s race was fantastic. I’m still on my runner’s high.
There were two races this weekend that I ran two years ago on different weekends. I liked them both but I chose the Literacy Network 5K because I liked the race downtown and I like the shirts better. I ran my PR on this course two years ago. Of course I didnt expect that today, but I’d say I did surpass my expectations.
We got downtown nice and early to park and get to the book store to pick up my shirt, race number and timing chip. I had plenty of time to use the bathroom and then we walked around a bit exploring. This race was put on in conjunction with UW Homecoming, so Bucky and a small part of the band were there.

My last 5K, back in August, was a disaster. I had several factors working against me that day, none of which were a problem today. For the Madison Mini, I had to pick up my race number and timing chip ahead of time and then forget them and we had to go home to get it, making us late. Today, we got there nice and early and got the number and chip. So I was nice and relaxed instead of hopped up on adrenaline. This morning was 40 degrees cooler than it was for the race in August. I made sure to charge my garmin too, so that wouldn’t die on me.

This punky kid ran through my picture! I don’t even think he was racing because he ran up on the sidewalk when he got past me and Doug!

I had a good start. I thought I was starting out really slow, which was my goal, but my early pace was under 11:45 per mile! I felt nice and relaxed though, so I decided to just go with it and let myself slow down later if I needed to. I was wearing my new shoes for the race, which was a bit of a gamble. But my new ones are the updated version of my old ones, so I decided to chance it. My old shoes were making my legs as well as my pelvis sore. My feet felt a little more fatigued than usual early in the race, probably because of the shoes. I was getting a little nervous but that went away.

My confidence was rattled when I got passed by the first baby jogger a half mile in (and the other two — one of them a double — soon after), and I wasn’t to the first mile marker before I saw the first 5K runner on his way back — one reason why I hate out and back courses. But I was feeling good. I could tell early on that this race would be better than the Madison Mini. I ran the first mile in 12:02, the second in 12:15 and the third in 12:05. I felt great! In fact, as I came up to the end, I felt like I was slowing down but I really think I was speeding up. I really wonder what I would have done if I had entered the 10K. When I ran 4 miles on Thursday I got faster in the fourth mile too, after running a consistent pace for the first three.

My main goal for the race was under 40 minutes. My optimistic goal was under 36. I came close to making the optimistic goal! I finished in 37:47, which is a post-partum PR!
The best part was the post-race food. The race ended with a tailgate. I had a brat and vanilla ice cream from The Chocolate Shop. It was really crowded to get the food because it was set up too close together, but the food was worth the wait.
I’m relieved that my legs and pelvis didn’t get sore after the race. I was a little apprehensive about it because of my stress fracture, but I think that soreness is just my body’s way of telling me to get new shoes.
I’m getting faster, slowly but surely. And I’m so much more confident in my running.

Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

One thought on “When the stars align

  1. Congratulations!!!!!! BTW- I have definitely been passed by people pushing baby strollers, 80-year-olds, 8-year-olds and everything in between. You can never tell by looking at someone how fast he/she will be. I'm glad you had a good race. Looks like the weather was perfect!

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