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Losing baby weight has been hard. I’m still toting around 37 of the 65 pounds I gained last year. But a month and a half ago I was toting 42 of them, so I am slowly making progress.

Frustrating as it is, I am optimistic. I’m seeing signs in my body that my fitness is returning to a level not seen since before I was injured two years ago. Perhaps my fitness is at my best ever. Thats the important thing. I’m figuring out the diet portion but fitness is the most important.

Cross training on the elliptical this morning, my legs felt strong. My legs have been feeling strong a lot recently. One indication of improving fitness two and three years ago was my ability to reach my leg behind me when I would do a standing quad stretch, and the balance along with it. It took awhile, but I’m finally able to do that again. Perhaps the best indication is how I feel while I’m running. I have the occasional run that is way faster than I expect. My legs feel strong, my lungs do too. I ran 6.25 miles a month ago, all running. I expect to run 7 miles by next week. It doesn’t phase me the way it used to.

Someone told me (probably more than one someone actually) when I was pregnant that it would take a year for the body to get back to normal after giving birth. As frustrating as that was to hear, its been true for me. Hopefully soon the weight will follow suit in going back to normal.


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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