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Yesterday was a perfect fall family day. We started with lunch at Applebee’s and then we headed to Goodwill to get Allie’s halloween costume. But the real fun came when we got to the pumpkin patch. Actually, I say pumpkin patch, but this farm is a lot more than pumpkins! We went to this one last year with some friends while I was still pregnant, so Allie’s been here before too.

First we walked around the barnyard, where Allie’s favorite animals were the turkey…

… and the donkeys. We also checked out their pig races, but couldn’t get close enough to take pictures or for Allie to realize what was going on. It was cute though.

Allie and I rode the barrel train. She loved it and do did I, but that barrel was hard to get out of! After the train, we watched them fire the big pumpkin cannon and then we got on the hayride to the actual pumpkins…

… and imagine our surprise when we found a baby out with the pumpkins!

We picked our pumpkin and got back on for the ride back to the farm. We’re hoping to carve our pumpkin sometime this week, so right now its just sitting out on the porch waiting.

After that, we walked through the little corn maze they had in the barn. In this maze were a bed of hay and a corn box that Allie will play in when she’s older. But right now she’d just eat it.

They had all sorts of fun cutouts in the barnyard for picture taking. Allie and I rode the cool bus.

And then Allie pretended to be a scarecrow.

There was a fun picture that said “how tall this fall?” that we tried to use to measure Allie. But she wouldn’t stand up because at first she was wearing her new shoes (we got her a pair of crocs at goodwill, stay tuned for pics!) and then because of the gravel. So we’ll measure how tall she is next fall.

We finished our perfect day at the farm with some fudge, kettle corn and drinks and headed home, where we watched our Wisconsin Badgers beat the Ohio State Buckeyes! And the perfection of the weekend continued when Allie actually slept until after 8 this morning.

Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

One thought on “Our perfect day

  1. Dear Allie, It looks like you had so much fun at the pumpkin farm. Wish we could have been there with you. Looking forward to seeing you in your First Halloween outfit!!Love,Grandma and Grandpa

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