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This is it, the final count down!

Today’s work day is almost over, thank goodness. The worse kind of Monday is the one after a long weekend and before vacation. I have only 3 more days of work. Only 4 more days til we head to California and 5 days til the race.

This morning I went out in the dark and ran 5 miles. Its funny, I always drag my feet when running in the dark and cold. But I always end up happy I did. Its a nice solitary time. I’m still undecided about running in the dark and cold after the race, however!

So I’ll run on Thursday, 2 or 3 miles. Then it will be the race. Its strange that is so close now. We decided to put together this relay team back in July, almost five months ago. At that time I was trying to get started again after dealing with shin splints. Now its here. And I’ve been successful in my training. Though my one and only 7-miler was a month ago, I’m not worried. I’ve run 5 and 6 miles lots of times and I made it through my 10K last week in a really tough race. I can run 7 miles.

My only real concern is what food to eat during the race. I’d used shot blocks a few times with mixed results, but Thursday was terrible results.

The early forecast for race day included rain, but as of right now, predicts partly cloudy with a low of 40 and high of 54. When is the last time the temperature was 54 here? That will feel tropical during the race, compared to the Berbee Derby!

We’ve got a lot to do. There’s plenty of packing for Allie as well as for me and Doug. We’re going to pack in order to check only one bag and save some money that way. There’s laundry to do. Items that need to be picked up. I made a trip yesterday to get some things but of course something is always forgotten. I’d like to get all ready while still keeping the house clean because its so satisfying to come home to a clean house. And of course we have to work this week and feed ourselves. Its going to be a busy week. But it’ll be worth it!


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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