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This is something I’ve been asking myself for awhile now. What do I focus on after the relay?

I’m going to run a half in May. There are three that I’m considering in Madison, Green Bay or Rockford. I totally know I can do it now that I’m running better than ever.

But I also know I can’t train for it just yet. I was able to suck it up and run outside before the relay, but that was when the temps were in the 30s. But I hate running outside in the cold and its even worse now that its even colder! The temps are closer to 0, I’m resigned to the treadmill. Before I can really do anything, I need to get myself acclimated to the treadmill. It was the treadmill that made my shin splints come back in November so I need to be careful.

So for December and January I’m going to run twice a week to maintain something. I’m not sure what kind of mileage yet. But I really want to do more cross training too. So by running just twice, I can cross train two to three times a week. I’m getting into BodyPump, which will help me finally get into a strength training routine. I also took a kickboxing class last weekend and I really want to continue that as well. And of course there’s always spinning. And I’d like to try rowing again… the list goes on. I’m hoping to start training for the half in February.

But my immediate goal is to just get back to the gym! I’ve run just 9 miles this month and 7 of them were the relay. Between weather and feeling under the weather and lack of time, I haven’t worked out since last Saturday. I’ve been too lazy to get up early before work and the roads have been bad so we’ve had to leave earlier for work. There hasn’t been much time to get anything done at night either.

Ha ha, I talk about what kind of mileage to maintain and I think I don’t really have a chance to maintain anything for about two weeks!

Honestly though, I blame the lack of time, but its also some laziness. I just haven’t really wanted to run. I suppose right after my race and with no other racing plans is the best time to lose the motivation! Tomorrow is the day. It has to be. I need to work out at least a few times. We’re on the road again starting Wednesday night and then its Christmas and New Years! Where has the time gone?


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

One thought on “Now what?

  1. You can do it!!! I totally blame the weather/icy road conditions. I haven't felt super motivated to run hard or long lately either, and I certainly haven't been outside.

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