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I miss being outside. The treadmill just doesn’t agree with my shins. So when I realized last night that this morning’s temperature was supposed to be 32, I decided I was going to take the opportunity to try my new running jacket and head outside.

The actual temperature was 37, but felt like 30, according to So I layered up, with my capris under my longer pants, a long sleeve shirt (my CIM relay shirt!), my toasty fleece jacket, stocking cap and gloves. I was glad I’d thought to charge my garmin last night!

I headed out and the temperature felt fine or a little colder than I liked. I turned the corner off my street and came to a still-snow-covered, though melting snow, sidewalk. I’d really expected them all to be clear but at least since the snow was melting it had texture and wasn’t slippery.

My run was great for the first mile and a half. I was a little more chilly than I expected but warmed up. When I ran outside before CIM, I hated it, though I loved it too. It was really peaceful being out there by myself. It was the same way today. It was surreal too. I couldn’t believe I was actually outside when it was 37. Snow banks are stacked higher than my waist in some areas. Its Dec. 30. There are still Christmas lights up!

The problem was, as I warmed up, my glasses started fogging up! I was already dodging puddles and ice patches on the sidewalks, which wasn’t that big of a deal. But I couldn’t see well through my glasses. I have different loops through my neighborhood that I’ll go around once or twice depending on how far I want to go. But it was becoming apparent that I wasn’t going to repeat the first one because of the ice and my glasses. I had to stop and walk a few times. Then I turned a corner and my glasses fogged up more! At the same time, I came to a section of sidewalk that hadn’t been shoveled at all.

I had turned again and my glasses were even more fogged, but it wasn’t terrible because I had gotten to the part of the neighborhood where I felt comfortable running on the street and it was also better lit here. I made a few more turns and got to another area where I repeat a loop… and this street was icy! Maybe it hadn’t been plowed all the way to begin with? I couldn’t see well with the fog on my glasses, so I had to turn around and go back to where I knew the road was clear.

After that detour I made it through the last of my route. I’d hoped to run 4 miles but only got 3 in. I could have added a mile somewhere in the neighborhood, but I was approaching my house and I was beat! Running on the uneven terrain really did a number on my legs. I decided 3 miles was just fine and headed home. I had wanted to get outside to give my shins a break, but running on the snow and ice didn’t provide that. Uneven footing is hard on the legs. But it felt really good to get outside.

Note to self: Next time I run outside when its cold, I’ll put my contacts in first! If I’d been able to see, the whole thing would have gone more smoothly!

My jacket was nice and toasty. Maybe a little too toasty at times, contributing to the fog factor. I’m still considering running the New Years Day Dash on Saturday, even though the forecast high is all the way down to 21, colder than I’ve run in yet (my limit has been 30). But I think I can stay warm enough in my toasty jacket! I think the main factor in whether I run it or not depends on the ice factor. Its supposed to be even warmer tomorrow and its supposed to rain. With the rain and then dropping of temperatures, I’m betting there will be a lot of ice. Will the roads be cleared by race time?

I would love to start out the new year with a race. But I think I’m going to have to be flexible because even if I can stay warm, I’m not willing to risk injury from slipping on the ice!


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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