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A comfortable place to sit

A few weeks ago I realized Allie has no place to sit other than the floor. We were watching Baby Einstein one morning and she was lounging on the floor next to the cabinet. We had a gift card from Christmas, so we decided to get Allie her own little arm chair.

 It took a few weeks until we found the time to get the chair. But we finally got it today!

Allie doesn’t really know how to sit in the chair yet. She climbs onto it and then tries to turn around, which in turn tips the chair. Its fun to watch. She loves it.

We love the princess chair. And it matches her shirt! Can’t see it in the picture though, but its Belle on her shirt. Unfortunately she’s growing out of this shirt and a few others. This girl doesn’t stop growing!

Speaking of growing, Allie is 15 months old today! In addition to getting her chair, we also went up a size in diapers! Allie, can you stop growing now please?

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It could have been worse?

Date night was a diet fail.

It had the common downfalls: Bread, dessert, popcorn. A salad that had more points than I thought it would.

I consumed all my extra points in one day. Right now I’m at -2 for my weekly allowance. I knew I’d go over, but I didn’t expect it to be by this much. At least I didn’t drink them this week?

But I have not failed. I can’t function very long on this diet if I just give up the minute I do it wrong.

Our meal was the three course meal for $25 offered with restaurant week. The first course had a choice of spinach salad, ceasar salad or soup du jour, which was a tomato soup. I thought the spinach was the best option, but I later figured it out to be 9 points. The tomato might have been a better choice. And of course there was the bread.

Second course Doug and I both got the bacon-wrapped filet with fingerling potatoes. That course wasn’t too bad on the points, I think it was around 9.

Where Doug and I both went wrong was still getting movie theater snacks even though we had dessert. Its funny, I know I at least wouldn’t usually do that. But we hardly ever go to the movies anymore and I wanted the popcorn!

Backing up… for dessert I got the strawberry cheesecake, which I calcuated to be 12.

I was proud of myself at the movie because I got a small popcorn without butter. And I was surprised that the popcorn tasted the same. I guess the taste doesn’t come from the butter. A small popcorn at our theater was 7 cups. And I ate it all. That came out pretty good at 13. Doug fared a bit worse as his reese’s pieces were 23. But we’re at about the same overall because he gets more points than me.

Another complicating factor for me was that I caved and had a small piece of cake earlier in the day.

But what I did do right: drank diet pop, only one helping of bread, small popcorn without butter and not snacking more during the day. These things I did right are the very reason I’m fat! So yes, it could have been a whole lot worse.

Side note: we saw The Green Hornet, which was hilarious. Its so disappointing when we see a bad movie now since we don’t see too many movies, but this movie was great.

So my new plan of attack for the week is to stick as best I can to my 31 regular points per day and exercise a lot to earn my extra activity points! One day does not a diet make. We’re learning a lot of lessons in our first month on weight watchers, and this might be the biggest one and also the one I’m having the most trouble with.

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Diet challenge #3: Date night

Tonight Doug and I are going out in celebration of his birthday last Monday. This presents two challenges in one: What to choose at dinner? and Do we get popcorn/snacks at the movie?

We’re going to a nice steak place tonight for Madison restaurant week. Participating restaurants have three-course meals for $25. Its a great way for us to try a restaurant we wouldn’t normally because its expensive. Luckily I can find the menu online and try to figure out what the points may be and the best option vs. what I really want. It will be high because of dessert, but you have to have dessert sometimes!

I know the movie will just be bad. I love to get popcorn at the movies. With a bit of research I found out that a large movie theater popcorn with butter can be 43 points! And thats on the old points system. With the points plus, the values are more. A small, however, is 16 on the old points system. So that could be an option. There’s also drinks and candy to consider.

We are going out and we do want to indulge. We will just have to decide how much?

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Goal reached!

I am so excited that I have reached my initial weight loss goal and then some. It was recommended to have small goals en route to the main goal, something I very much believe in. So when Doug and I joined weight watchers three weeks ago, my initial goal was to lose 5 percent of my starting weight, or 10.9 pounds.

As of this morning’s weigh in, I have surpassed that goal! I lost 2.4 pounds this week, in spite of my eating last weekend. My new weight is 204.4. I’m already well on my way to my next goal: 10 percent, which is only about 9 more pounds to get down to 195.3. But I also have an even smaller goal en route to that: Getting below 200 pounds. I passed 200 around the halfway point of my pregnancy in summer 2009. It was a big deal to me when I got under 200 the first time around, and it will be a big deal when I reach it again.

But back to this morning’s weigh in, 204.4 is the lowest number I’ve seen on the scale in almost a year. When I started working in mid-January 2010, I was losing weight and got all the way down to 202. That was the first three weeks of my job when I wasn’t working out and I was eating crap. I figured the weight would continue to come off once I got back into a gym routine and started eating better. I’m not sure what happened, but I ended up gaining 15 pounds in the next few months that refused to come off.

Its actually kind of embarrassing how easy this has been. I’ve said all along the last year that I know what to do to lose weight. But I obviously didn’t and I needed the help. I still need the help. And you know what? I’m OK with that. In a couple weeks I’ll be trying on my smaller clothes again and that moment will be awesome.

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How things have changed

I just did something I thought I would never do. There was cake leftover from a retirement party that had been set out for the masses. And I DID NOT have any!

There are times when there are wall-to-wall sweets in this office and I usually can never say no to any of them. But I only have a few points left for the day and a weigh-in tomorrow. Not to mention I have no idea how I would actually track that piece of cake.

However, if that cake had been set out tomorrow when my allowance points start over… well, that probably would have been a different story.

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Diet challenge #2: Birthday dinner

Yesterday was Doug’s birthday. Since it was just any regular Monday, I wanted to make a special birthday meal. For Doug, this special meal is pot roast. He would eat pot roast every day if he could. Alas, pot roast is expensive and saved for special occasions.

I had two pictures I was going to post, but I’m not a food blogger, nor am I a food photographer. The pictures were really bad, so I removed them.

The pot roast wasn’t too bad on the points. Luckily we got a lean cut of meat, but it still ended up working out to 13 points. It could have been worse though!

The real diet challenge was birthday cake. I did the grocery shopping Sunday night and didn’t buy a cake mix or a cake because I wouldn’t have time to make it and it wouldn’t go with the diet well. But it was Doug’s birthday, so he wanted to have something. I had to go back to the store anyway, so I decided to check out the bakery and get something small.

This is what I found. I scoured nutrition information and got this chocolate raspberry cake. It was lowish carbs, but high fat. So it turns out I struck out in the points department. A serving was 9 points. But this little cake was FOUR servings! There were two pieces and a serving was a half a piece. Doug had a full piece and I stuck with the half. And it was really good. I wanted to have the other half.
I ended last night with 4 allowance points left, two days to go. Its some kind of cruel fate that I get all the diet challenges in one week. I’ll be testing whether you actually lose weight if you use all your allowance points.

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Our little reader

´╗┐She looks so innocent here. Of course not long after I took this picture, she ripped the front cover off the book! I don’t know where she found the strength. But upon further examination, the binding was already pretty weak from repeated abuse.
Allie loves when we read her stories. We read a story every night before bed and I think she looks forward to it and, even if shes still all wound up, it gets her in the bedtime mode. We also have some books that we keep downstairs that she brings us to read to her. Many times, she asks us to read them many times in one sitting. They say repetition is key at this age, and I am seeing that here!

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Happy birthday Dada!

Happy birthday Dada!

Today is Doug’s birthday! Since its a Monday we can’t really do much, but we are celebrating! Tonight we are having pot roast for dinner. I didn’t have time to make a cake though. We’re going out on Friday so hopefully I’ll get some time to make a cake for this weekend. Since we never have time to get all our celebrating in one day, we just celebrate all week. Its definitely more fun that way.

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Go Pack go!

We are ecstatic that the Packers are going to the Super Bowl! Allie has been getting in on the fun too. When we do that chant she waves her arms around. She gave us 5 when the Packers made great plays and the touchdown signal when they scored! I’m hoping we can all get some NFC championship gear and then maybe then some Super Bowl championship gear?

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You know what they say about drinking your calories?

Ummmm, yeah, thats what I did last night. The food actually wasn’t as bad as I thought… I mean, the food was good, but it was reasonably good for you too. I don’t know that I was accurate in recording the amounts, but that part ended up OK. Where I went wrong was in the three glasses of wine I drank! I drank my points last night, 21 of them. A glass of white wine is 7 points. Eeeeeek. And I may have actually had more.

I have to admit, I didn’t really think about what I would drink. Oops.

I consumed 60 points yesterday. My average points used per day is between 35 and 40! I only had 11 allowance points left until I went to the gym today and worked out to gain 7. Then Doug and I got Noodles & Company for lunch. This week is going to be a challenge. I guess I’ll find out what the results are if you use up all available points! Hopefully I won’t go over. I’ll be going to the gym a lot this week for sure.

Now I’m in preservation mode and just hoping I won’t gain weight this week! I know bad weeks will happen. And Doug’s birthday is tomorrow, so there will be more challenges through the week. But right now I need to not think about that. Just because I consumed 60 points in one day doesn’t mean I’ve failed.