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If there’s one thing Weight Watchers has me paying attention to again, its portion control.

So many times in the last year, I’d whine to friends about how my weight stayed the same or that I’d gained a pound or two, “but I ate really well”!

Ummm, yeah, I’ve been in denial.

The good habits I formed when counting carbs are all but gone. Ice cream has been a staple of my diet since pregnancy. A quart of ice cream equals 12 half-cup servings. Doug and I ate a quart of ice cream in two nights, making it four. Ewwww. Even though I can’t eat as much as Doug, I’d still try sometimes. And those portions when we got out! And all the ice cream. How could I have said I ate well?

In four days tracking what I’ve eaten, I’ve made much better choices. Both last Friday and today there were treats in the office, and I didn’t eat a single one! Before I’d go looking for treats laying around the office. A woman who retired in November used to stock a candy jar on her desk. I’d wait for her to leave and stock up in my mouth. It was disgusting. I’d eat from the treat table even as my stomach hurt from eating so much already!

After four days, its amazing how different I feel.

Saturday night I made Italian beef sandwiches for dinner. Doug and I each had one. We’ve never had leftover Italian beef before. The recipe is for four sandwiches, and we’d each have two.

We’re measuring our cereal and the milk we put on it now. We’re eating fruit instead of chips. When we have chips, we count out a single serving. Its amazing how quickly I’ve stopped being hungry after lowering my total food intake.

I’ve been saying I’m skeptical of how Weight Watchers works. But I’m starting to get it. I’m counting points, but I’m doing a lot more than that too. I’m looking forward to Thursday’s weigh in. I’ve been tempted to step on the scale in the last few days, but I won’t until Thursday. Two reasons: 1.) I know that just in detoxing between how badly I ate at new years and how much better I ate last week, I’ve lost a few pounds anyway. Not being on a diet I would lose a few pounds. 2.) Weight fluctuates from day to day. I know the importance of having consistency in weigh-ins. Doug and I did our first weigh-in in the evening wearing pajamas. Thats how I’ll weigh in this Thursday.


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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