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Diet challenge #3: Date night

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Tonight Doug and I are going out in celebration of his birthday last Monday. This presents two challenges in one: What to choose at dinner? and Do we get popcorn/snacks at the movie?

We’re going to a nice steak place tonight for Madison restaurant week. Participating restaurants have three-course meals for $25. Its a great way for us to try a restaurant we wouldn’t normally because its expensive. Luckily I can find the menu online and try to figure out what the points may be and the best option vs. what I really want. It will be high because of dessert, but you have to have dessert sometimes!

I know the movie will just be bad. I love to get popcorn at the movies. With a bit of research I found out that a large movie theater popcorn with butter can be 43 points! And thats on the old points system. With the points plus, the values are more. A small, however, is 16 on the old points system. So that could be an option. There’s also drinks and candy to consider.

We are going out and we do want to indulge. We will just have to decide how much?

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I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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