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It could have been worse?

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Date night was a diet fail.

It had the common downfalls: Bread, dessert, popcorn. A salad that had more points than I thought it would.

I consumed all my extra points in one day. Right now I’m at -2 for my weekly allowance. I knew I’d go over, but I didn’t expect it to be by this much. At least I didn’t drink them this week?

But I have not failed. I can’t function very long on this diet if I just give up the minute I do it wrong.

Our meal was the three course meal for $25 offered with restaurant week. The first course had a choice of spinach salad, ceasar salad or soup du jour, which was a tomato soup. I thought the spinach was the best option, but I later figured it out to be 9 points. The tomato might have been a better choice. And of course there was the bread.

Second course Doug and I both got the bacon-wrapped filet with fingerling potatoes. That course wasn’t too bad on the points, I think it was around 9.

Where Doug and I both went wrong was still getting movie theater snacks even though we had dessert. Its funny, I know I at least wouldn’t usually do that. But we hardly ever go to the movies anymore and I wanted the popcorn!

Backing up… for dessert I got the strawberry cheesecake, which I calcuated to be 12.

I was proud of myself at the movie because I got a small popcorn without butter. And I was surprised that the popcorn tasted the same. I guess the taste doesn’t come from the butter. A small popcorn at our theater was 7 cups. And I ate it all. That came out pretty good at 13. Doug fared a bit worse as his reese’s pieces were 23. But we’re at about the same overall because he gets more points than me.

Another complicating factor for me was that I caved and had a small piece of cake earlier in the day.

But what I did do right: drank diet pop, only one helping of bread, small popcorn without butter and not snacking more during the day. These things I did right are the very reason I’m fat! So yes, it could have been a whole lot worse.

Side note: we saw The Green Hornet, which was hilarious. Its so disappointing when we see a bad movie now since we don’t see too many movies, but this movie was great.

So my new plan of attack for the week is to stick as best I can to my 31 regular points per day and exercise a lot to earn my extra activity points! One day does not a diet make. We’re learning a lot of lessons in our first month on weight watchers, and this might be the biggest one and also the one I’m having the most trouble with.

Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

One thought on “It could have been worse?

  1. You're right not to get down on yourself for going over. Restaurant week only happens twice a year, so it's not like you're going to be tempted with a fancy 3 course meal again anytime soon. Glad the movie was good and hope Doug had a happy birthday.

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