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Happy birthday Dada!

Happy birthday Dada!

Today is Doug’s birthday! Since its a Monday we can’t really do much, but we are celebrating! Tonight we are having pot roast for dinner. I didn’t have time to make a cake though. We’re going out on Friday so hopefully I’ll get some time to make a cake for this weekend. Since we never have time to get all our celebrating in one day, we just celebrate all week. Its definitely more fun that way.

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Go Pack go!

We are ecstatic that the Packers are going to the Super Bowl! Allie has been getting in on the fun too. When we do that chant she waves her arms around. She gave us 5 when the Packers made great plays and the touchdown signal when they scored! I’m hoping we can all get some NFC championship gear and then maybe then some Super Bowl championship gear?

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You know what they say about drinking your calories?

Ummmm, yeah, thats what I did last night. The food actually wasn’t as bad as I thought… I mean, the food was good, but it was reasonably good for you too. I don’t know that I was accurate in recording the amounts, but that part ended up OK. Where I went wrong was in the three glasses of wine I drank! I drank my points last night, 21 of them. A glass of white wine is 7 points. Eeeeeek. And I may have actually had more.

I have to admit, I didn’t really think about what I would drink. Oops.

I consumed 60 points yesterday. My average points used per day is between 35 and 40! I only had 11 allowance points left until I went to the gym today and worked out to gain 7. Then Doug and I got Noodles & Company for lunch. This week is going to be a challenge. I guess I’ll find out what the results are if you use up all available points! Hopefully I won’t go over. I’ll be going to the gym a lot this week for sure.

Now I’m in preservation mode and just hoping I won’t gain weight this week! I know bad weeks will happen. And Doug’s birthday is tomorrow, so there will be more challenges through the week. But right now I need to not think about that. Just because I consumed 60 points in one day doesn’t mean I’ve failed.

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Diet challenge: Party time

Doug and I have done well our first two weeks on Weight Watchers. We’ve both lost weight and stuck to the diet fairly easily. We’ve avoided going out for the most part. Well, that changes tonight when I take a trip down to Rockford for the afternoon and then go to a party at my sister’s place tonight.

I could potentially be going out to dinner AND eating party food, i.e., fighting to not be grazing at the food table all night! How do I deal with that? Do I just eat and ignore the points? Eat and try to keep track? I’ll just have to see how it goes. The good thing about weighing in on Thursday is its late enough in the week to make up for any excess that was eaten during the weekend!

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Friday flashback: The day that started it all

I call a lot of days “the day that started it all,” but Jan. 20, 2005 really is the day that started it all. That is the day Doug and I had our first date! And to think that date might not have happened at all if a couple of our friends hadn’t noticed that we liked each other, but needed a little push to get together.

It was a Thursday night and we went out to Houlihan’s in Carbondale, which was new at the time and probably the nicest restaurant available, at least in my opinion. Doug insists he wasn’t nervous, but I remember the way he twirled his napkin around while looking at the table! He was definitely nervous. We went to a movie after dinner and in spite of some confusion about when it was OK to start hand holding and then an awkward kiss goodnight, it was a great time. I remember too that he asked me to go to Steak ‘n’ Shake after, but I had to babysit early the next morning. I think he went home thinking I didn’t like him after all. But then to go against the norm, I called him first.

I always used to laugh at women who said they knew the moment they met their husbands, but it became true for me. I knew early that first summer in Carbondale that I’d met mine! It just took us a little while to get together. But we haven’t left each other’s side ever since. For all my saying I’d never gone into journalism, if I hadn’t gone into journalism I may never have lived in Carbondale. And if I’d never lived in Carbondale, where would I be now?

Almost 5 years later, we took our first family picture on our way home from the hospital. And now 6 years later, we’ve got a good thing going and I can’t imagine my life turning out any other way.

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Silly treadmill

I am stumped on what factors allow me to have a great run versus a crappy one. I know there are a lot of variables to consider and for whatever reason, the treadmill has a lot to do with it.

On Tuesday morning I only made it 1.25 miles because of my shins. On that treadmill I started out at 4.3 mph, which felt way too fast for me. But last night I ran 3.5 miles and felt like I could have done more, except that I got a side stitch and decided I’d done enough. On that treadmill, I started out at 4.3 mph and increased to 4.6, which still felt slow.

The two treadmills I used were different brands, but I think even different treadmills of the same brand affect my run. There are 6 or 8 of the treadmills that I used on Tuesday. Two of which I used most often without a problem (or at least, without much of a problem). But the one on Tuesday was bad for me.

However, last night’s treadmill was a completely different brand and that brand has been the most forgiving to my limbs. Unfortunately those are the ones that don’t have TVs on them! Oh the horror!

I’ve actually started to enjoy the treadmill more when I can watch TV. But I suppose now my playlist will get more action now. Anything to get me running! This cold weather and running inside is driving me batty!

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I’m a believer

Week 2 of Weight Watchers is complete and I’m convinced. I lost another 4 pounds this week! That brings my total weight loss to 10.2 pounds. I have just over half a pound to go before I get to my first goal, which is 5% of my starting weight. My current is 206.8 and the goal is 206.1. Wow.

In the last year I’ve managed to lose a few pounds at a time. I teetered on 7 to 8 pounds lost in the couple months before the holidays (when I gained those pounds back and then some). So its just astounding to me that I can lose 10 pounds in two weeks, mostly just by watching my portions, eating more fruits and veggies and drinking more water.

I’ve lost enough that my point goal has changed. I’ve gone from 32 to 31. I don’t suppose it makes a ton of difference as I go over my points every day. We get 49 “allowance” points per week. But I guess then I have 7 fewer points per week then.

I’m inevitably starting to think about my smaller jeans in boxes in my closet. But I’m not going to even look at them until I’m under 200. Now that I’ve settled into the diet, I expect the weight loss to slow to the recommended 1 to 2 pounds per week. So I’m thinking I will be under 200 and trying on those jeans within two to four weeks. It seems like a long time, but considering its been almost two years since I’ve worn any of those pants, another four weeks is bearable.