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It wasn’t the start to 2011 I wanted, but thats OK. Running in the winter is hard.

Monthly mileage for January: 25.8 miles run in 5:51:58.

To be on pace for my yearly goal, I wanted to run 50 miles or at least close to it.

The shin splints have gone from OK to bad to worse and back to OK. I’m stumped really. I broke down and made an appointment with my sports medicine doctor for this coming Tuesday. Even though my legs are feeling good right now, I’ll most likely keep the appointment. I figure I could at least use some physical therapy, as inconvenient as that would be. I’m doing a hodge podge of different exercises to strengthen problem areas and I almost think I’m overdoing it. A check in with the doc and a few PT sessions will surely help that.

Last week I was panicking that I was really getting hurt. So I pulled back and debating stopping running completely. Of course, I didn’t follow through. But what I’ve found to work for now is decreasing the frequency to twice a week and varying the speeds and inclines of the treadmill. This also allows me to get more cross training in. I’d rather run three times a week but for now twice a week will do. I’m not going to worry about my mileage goal. I have another 11 months and besides, my mileage will increase as I start training for my half marathon. Thats the ultimate goal after all!

I saw a bulletin on the running store’s facebook page that registration for the Green Bay half is at 90 percent capacity. I don’t know when I could register, unfortunately. I need to wait until we have the money and also until I’m really confident that I will run it. But if it fills before I can register, I do have two other races to choose from.

Now on to February!


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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