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One month in: 15.4 pounds lost

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After one month on weight watchers, I’m down 15.4 pounds! I am ecstatic. My new current weight is 201.6. The lowest weight I’ve seen on the scale in recent memory was 202 in late January 2010. So this is my lowest weight in over a year.

Even though we overindulged on date night and burned through our allowance points, both Doug and I lost weight this week. A month in, Doug has lost 13 pounds. He’s at a recent low weight as well!

I’m starting to see the changes in how I look. Jeans are getting loose. Some of my shirts that were kind of snug are fitting better too. My confidence is rising. I love this feeling.

I had decided to wait until I got out of the 200s to try on my smaller jeans. But I’m changing my mind and trying them tonight! I don’t know what the results will be but even if they don’t fit, I know I’ll get there. And if they do fit, I’m expanding my wardrobe! One of my biggest complaints is that I hate my wardrobe, so expanding that will be awesome.

Speaking of the 200s, barring disaster, I expect to say good bye to the 200s next week! Of course, I’ve got a couple Super Bowl events coming up. But even with a big food day, as long as I behave the rest of the time, I feel reasonably assured of success. And I love this feeling.

I lost another point. So my new points target is 30. I find that number funny because its next to impossible for me to stay at my points target. My average daily points used is 35. But that does make it harder because I burn through my allowance points more quickly. It will all even itself out.

The program told me this morning that I’m losing weight too quickly. Safe weight loss is 2 pounds per week. My average per week is now 3.9. I’m choosing not to worry about that for now. I’m sure the weight loss will even itself out in month 2.

My ultimate goal is to reach my ideal weight of 140. I can’t imagine how small I’ll be if and when I make that. When I started that was 77 pounds to lose. Considering I’ve already lost 15 pounds, that goal is looking more attainable. It will take time but I am confident I will get there.


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

One thought on “One month in: 15.4 pounds lost

  1. Congratulations! I'm sorry your shins are bothering you again. Hope the PT helps. Treadmill running is hard on the body because it messes with your gait. Hopefully winter will be over soon!

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