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Diet challenge #4: Baking & Diet challenge #5: The Super Bowl

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We’ve had success in our first month on weight watchers but not without challenges! I’m combining them into one post because I’ve been too busy! Its the story of my life, right?

Well, to start, last week we had a blizzard. All three of us took the snow day on Wednesday. And how did I spend my snow day? We were actually pretty productive but one of the things I did was bake!

I baked peanut butter cookies on my snow day, even though we’re on a diet. I put the recipe in my points tracker and decided it was an OK temptation. I figured them to be 3 points but got enough cookies baked that they ended up being 2 points each. I realized that chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies have the same basic recipe with the difference of peanut butter or chocolate chips! Anyway, we were having a Packers tail gate party at work on Friday, so I decided to make my contribution on Wednesday. I doubled the recipe to have cookies for us and to take to work.

A single recipe would have been plenty!

I actually did pretty well with the temptation of the cookies in the house. But as a result, I didn’t get to enjoy them much! Doug did worse than me. And I still brought home plenty of cookies after the tailgate. Overall, I think it will be a little while until I bake again. I also think there are diet friendly cookies to be found in my weight watchers resourses.

So anyway, we ate the cookies over the weekend and then took them to our super bowl party.

Which leads to diet challenge #5: The Super Bowl. This was the first challenge I will flat out say I FAILED!

Oh but this failure was fun. We went to my brother and sister-in-law’s house. We’re all fans of other teams first, but the Packers are near and dear to our hearts. And Julie makes a good meal. And GREAT dessert.

Doug and I actually ate pretty well, though we both had a few more lil smokies wrapped in bacon than we should have. And I was feeling good about my efforts… that is, until the cheese dip came out of the oven.

But then the real fail came out: Dessert. Julie made this peanut butter cup cheese cake that had an oreo crust and this chocolate topping. Wow. I had illusions of trying to do my best to honestly track the evening. Not after I ate that cheese cake. Sunday night didn’t exist in the points tracker!

My strategy for the three days remaining until my weigh in are to just eat like normal and try to minimize how many allowance points I use. And no matter what the results are on Thursday, that doesn’t change the fact that I’ve already lost 15 pounds and I will continue to lose weight.

Oh, and peanut butter cup cheesecake is worth ditching the diet for!


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