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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Look at the pretty flowers Dada sent Mama at work this morning! It was quite a surprise. I didn’t really get to appreciate their true beauty until I got home and was able to get them out of their wrapping and arranged. The vase came with them! They have very explicit instructions for how to take care of them and maximize their blooms.
Of course, we always agree not to do presents for Valentine’s Day and the Doug has to go and do that. I love him!

Last week Grandma and Grandpa Durso sent us Valentine’s cards. Allie really enjoyed hers. Too bad I wasn’t able to get a better picture. The problem is her hair is so shaggy that she looks like a slob in every picture. We need to get her hair cut.

Unfortunately in what’s become a startling tradition, Allie is sick for this holiday. She slept a long time Saturday night into Sunday and when we woke her up we discovered Allie with a fever and runny nose. Dada stayed home with her today. She seemed to be getting better but then the fever went up again and she tossed her cottage cheese all over herself and her high chair. It looks like Mama will be staying home with Allie tomorrow.

So its a low-key V-Day here. We weren’t really planning anything anyway. We might go out this weekend. Otherwise, its just taking care of our sick baby.


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