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The half marathon is ON

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I had a great long run this weekend. I had a great whole week of running! Because for the first time in two months I’ve been running outside. Unfortunately winter came back this weekend, but I’m concentrating on the positive.

I have a lot of cool news to share, but the coolest is that as of this past week, I am in training for the Madison Half Marathon on May 29. My first week of training included all three days running outside, two 3-milers and a 5-mile long run that ended up being 5.5 and netted 11.5 for the week. This marks my longest run in nearly three months and my longest mileage week in just as long.

To achieve my mileage goal for the year, my weekly goal is 11.5. This week is the first that I’ve achieved that. I’m not worried though because as I get into training I’ll be running more miles than that. Too bad I’m not so sure about this week.

My long run yesterday was planned to be 5 miles, but in making a couple wrong turns on my route (I don’t run the 5-mile route nearly as often as others), I ended up doing 5.5. So I’m very encouraged that even when I wasn’t running as much, I haven’t lost my endurance. I’m also encouraged to register for th 10K of the Shamrock Shuffle instead of the 5K.

One more cool piece of news is the revelation that I’m getting stronger. I wasn’t even sure I wanted to go to Bodypump this morning because I was so worn out from my run. But I went and it went really well. I noticed when doing pushups near the end of class that I’m feeling a lot stronger in my chest. I still do pushups on my knees, but I could go down further. I also noticed the ease with which I was doing some of the core work and my increased flexibility. Its the strength training!

I’ve never been a strength training person. But I’m glad I’ve finally started. I’m noticing a lot more strength throughout my body and I’m also noticing the change in my running. I’m faster. And I think this has a lot to do with my continuing endurance. One more thing… I’m noticing every day my body composition changing. I don’t remember it changing so quickly the last time I lost weight. I’m so excited about these changes. And I’m excited for the half marathon!


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

One thought on “The half marathon is ON

  1. Very exciting on all counts! (Except that we got a giant snow cone dumped on us yesterday.) I hope the roads get cleaned up fast again.

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