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Little helper

I remember when I was a kid and I thought it was so fun to wash the dishes. I don’t remember when I changed my mind about what’s fun. As shown above, Allie likes to try to help Dada take Monk out. She will reach down and try to put the leash on Monk and she tries to follow them outside. I can’t help but wonder, when we start asking Allie to take the dog out, will she still think thats fun?

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Lucky number 13

Current weight: 188.2
Pounds lost: 28.8!
Pounds to goal: 13.2

Last week I had lost 2.4 pounds in spite of the eating that took place the weekend before. This week even though I stayed closer to plan, I lost 1.2. Yes, I’m happy that I’ve lost, but what makes the difference? I guess it really doesn’t matter because bottom line: In about two months, I’ll make it to my goal #1 weight.

I remember details of my weights through the years. I associate the notable things with what was going on at the time. What I remember about 188 is that in 2007 I was losing weight and I weighed 184 on my wedding day. When I worked at the Wisconsin State Journal we had these health risk assessments we had to do to determine our health insurance rates for the coming year. In 2007 I had mine 2 days before my wedding, Sept. 29, and I weighed 184. I remember mentioning my wedding to the person taking my blood and then asking if I could work out that day. The nurse said sure, if I wanted my arm to be black and blue for my wedding! I didn’t end up working out that day.

In May 2009 I was ending my first trimester and wrote in this blog that I’d gained 14 pounds in the first trimester. I remember the queasiness and the fact that eating constantly seemed to be the only thing that kept it at bay. However, being overweight I was only supposed to gain 25 pounds the whole pregnancy. Of course, I gained a few more than 25 pounds.

But now I’m losing again and I weigh 188! I only have the first trimester weight to lose! I know what not to do next time I’m pregnant. I really hope to quit the gaining and losing that I’ve done every few years since college. No reason to dwell on this now, however. I’m enjoying my new and continually improving body!

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Four days a week

Today I am doing something I haven’t done since before I was injured in 2008: I’m adding a fourth day of running to my week. Lately I’ve been running on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. Starting this week, I’m adding Wednesday evening to the mix.

I’ve been pondering my training and mileage increases while considering the guidelines of increasing 10 percent per week and keeping the long run to no more than half the weekly mileage. Ideally, people more experienced than me say you want the long run to be 30 percent. I can’t do this without running four days a week. If I want to get a 12-mile long run before the half marathon, I need to run at least 12 miles in addition and ideally more than that. With running three days a week, that would be two runs of 6 miles each and the 12-miler. Since I run before work, the longest I can go is 5 miles and thats pushing it depending on my timing. And in general, running three days a week really limits how high I could go in mileage. Not that I’m expecting huge mileage now, but maybe some day.

My run yesterday was 3 miles. Tonight I’m planning 2. Then Friday will be 4 and Sunday 6. I did 6 last week but I don’t want to push it the first few weeks by increasing too much. Last week I ran 14 and this week will be 15. Also, the long run will be 40 percent of my mileage, so getting closer to the ideal.

Every time I’ve considered the fourth day, something has started hurting. So I’ve chickened out. I don’t consider myself injury-prone, but I will admit to being paranoid. But I made it through last fall to the CIM relay while managing shin splints and other assorted minor issues. I made it through the winter with the treadmill and lack of running. This time around I’m definitely not doing too much too soon. I have the fitness to run four days a week and I’m going to do it!

But wouldn’t you know it, randomly this afternoon I’ve been feeling soreness in the spot of my stress fracture. The spot that hasn’t felt sore in AT LEAST six months. This fear and soreness is most defininitely all in my head. So I will run this evening. I WILL. But I will also be mindful and pay attention if something starts hurting for real.

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Our smart 17-month-old

She may not be verbalizing too much yet, but she’s not dumb! She’s soaking everything in. This week has been one of those where she’s been kinda the same for awhile and now all of the sudden she is learning and doing all kinds of new things!

Allie can point out her nose and her feet, when she wants to, of course. Dada was talking about football the other day (because when doesn’t he talk about football?) and she pointed to his football up on the fireplace mantel. She’s had a runny nose for a few days and now she will wipe her nose if we give her the cloth and ask her to do it. Of course, thats also subject to her whim.

She’s also signing “please” and “wash hands.” Its funny to see the way she carries on sometimes. She hates to have her face washed, but seems to love washing her hands and the kitchen sink. Dada and I are always saying this, but its getting more important by the day: we must watch what we say!

Today Allie is 17 months old! Its still hard to believe she’s growing up so fast. She runs around and has entered the temper tantrum stage as well as “play hard and get overtired later” and “ham it up for the camera and guests” stages. We had all three of these together last night, which made for a rough, but entertaining evening!

Our 17-month-old has just added another tooth to her mouth! She now has 12, four front teeth each on the top and bottom and four molars. It was the fourth bottom tooth that cut this week and made her a little miserable on Sunday and Monday.

We’re so so many new things, I just hope the weather finally warms up so we can start exploring outside more!

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Confident but intimidated

I ran two half marathons two years ago and while I don’t remember all the details, I know I had my share of self doubt.

Right now I’m both confident but also intimidated by the challenge I’m undertaking in nine weeks; and this feeling seems different from feelings I had three years ago. When I ran the 7-mile leg of the California International Marathon Relay in December, I knew I could do it. But now as the spectre of running more than 7 miles looms, I’m both excited and nervous.

I ran 6 miles yesterday. I felt great. I already noticed the difference between that run and the 5 miles I ran last Sunday. Thats what training is all about. But I sometimes get the very real fear that I can’t run any longer than 7 miles. Its been three years since I’ve done it and I’m paranoid about getting hurt. This could be a huge mental block for me when its time to run 8 miles in a couple weeks!

I guess all I can do is stick to my training plan and remind myself that I’ve done it before, even if it has been a long time. And I’ll do it again! I’m worried about injury but really I am in better shape than I’ve ever been, thanks to my slow buildup and also strength training from bodypump. I know I can do this. I’m itching to get started at the same time that I’m nervous. Its quite amusing to me how I roll these thoughts around in my mind.

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The Madison Children’s Museum

Today we made our first trip to the Madison Children’s Museum. Its definitely not our last! We met up with Bridget, who is our daycare person, and her daughters Taegan and Gianna. We went in together on a membership. Allie loved the museum. It was so awesome to see her having so much fun! We can’t wait to go back.

On the elevator going up to the museum. It was a mad house today! We heard its not usually that crazy, but perhaps today because its spring break.

With Gianna and Taegan. Allie loves these girls, especially Taegan.

There’s a big area with all kinds of blocks and things to build with. We sat down and played with the blocks for awhile.

Then we went over to the other end of the room where there were all kinds of things to use for “baking” pies. And once the pie was ready, it went through the oven!

There is a car to drive and also to take pictures in. Allie liked driving it.

They have a big thing for the older kids to climb to the top and then go down this huge slide. Allie’s too small for that, but she was just the right size for the saddle sitting on top of the slide!

We worked up quite the hunger and thirst, so we went to the cafeteria for a snack. Allie enjoyed her juice box along with some cheese and an orange.

And to end the day we went up to the rooftop where Allie saw some chickens. She loved the chickens.

On the rooftop with the Capital in the background. I’m not sure what I was looking at here. It was cold, I think about 30 degrees. But it wasn’t too bad walking around up there.

It was cold, however, walking to our cars. We took another quick picture before heading home. It was a fun day. I wish I could say it tuckered Allie out early, considering she also didn’t nap well today, but it didn’t. We put her to bed at her normal time of 7:30 and she didn’t go to sleep until after 8! I’m hoping that means she’ll sleep in tomorrow.