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February was a bit better than January, but not by much. I’m so over winter!

February mileage total: 28.1 miles in 6:06:10, just 2.3 miles better than January. I have my SI joint to thank for that. I would have improved by at least 11 miles if I could have run last week!

I got a glorious week of running outside before the weather and my SI joint chased me back inside. I also “started” training for my half marathon. I put that in quotes only because I don’t know if I can say I started if I only did one week and then stopped. But I will run that half on May 29! I’m going to register for it by the end of this week.

Now if I could just get back on the road again. I ran this morning on the treadmill, with mixed results. Yes, I did it, but it didn’t feel real great. I set out for 2 and made it 1.5. My back was really stiff. The good news was, however, that I ran at all, and that at this moment I can still walk! In the last few weeks when my back was at its worst I could barely walk after a run. At the end of the day now I do feel a little uneven, but overall its pretty good. I’ve been doing stretches my chiropractor prescribed and those are really helping to relieve my discomfort.

I also just signed up for a 5K. Its in two weeks, the Shamrock Shuffle. If I hadn’t had this back flare up I would have signed up for the 10K. Oh well, I’m glad to be racing at all.

Spring is time for new beginnings and optimism and the beginning of March is closer to the beginning of spring, so I’m positive!


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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