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*Please allow me to whine for a post.*

I am so upset and frustrated by my SI joint pain. I’ve been dealing with it for over a year now and it was getting better. That is, until I screwed myself up again by running long, fast and hard outside for a week. Now I am in constant pain. Well, not constant, but its a different sort of pain than it was before. Its farther down in the joint/pelvis area, which is making running and even walking difficult. It radiates into my glute/hip as well. Its annoying because before running didn’t bother it. In fact, a lot of the time running made it feel better. This morning I walked two blocks to Starbucks and that was difficult. I feel like I haven’t walked normally in two weeks. If I trip (which unfortunately I tend to do) or otherwise take harder force on that side, it really hurts. I can’t put on pants without either holding onto something or sitting down.

I started seeing the chiropractor last June and it took several months before it got better. I don’t remember when it started getting better, probably September or October. I was down to going once a month and now I’m back to twice a week! Its frustrating that I did this to myself. But I’m at least feeling like its getting better faster than it did before.

Two weeks ago I started training for my half marathon. I’m trying to stay positive and thinking that taking the time off now will enable me to actually run the race. But if I restart training on Sunday, thats 12 weeks to race day. If I lose more training than that, I will be very doubtful of my abilities, mainly because I prefer to get to a 12-mile long run before the race. I will be able to register for the race this week when we get paid, but I may hold off because of my doubts. I’ve been talking about the half marathon for two years now. I’m getting so close and I really hope I don’t have to delay it yet again.

Its just become a very frustrating cycle to finish with one injury just to be stricken with another. This really isn’t another, just a recurrence of the same, which might be even worse.

I have a chiropractor appointment this evening. At least that means I’ll get a little relief!

*Pity party over. Thank you for reading.*


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

One thought on “Pity party

  1. Big sadface. I hope at least you get a little relief from the pain and difficulty walking. I'm sure all the ice (which at least is mostly gone now) wasn't helping at all either.

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