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It was an interesting weekend. It started out with my sister’s bachelorette party on Saturday night. Before the party, I took my dress to the woman who’s going to do my alterations. The dress practically falls off me! I tried it on a few weeks ago and I think it was even bigger on Saturday. I’m not sure exactly how much its being taken it, but its a good amount. That makes me feel good.

Saturday night I was determined to enjoy myself without guilt. And that I did. We went to JMK Nippon, a popular Japanese restaurant in Rockford of the variety where they cook the food in front of you. I was going to try and eat light, but instead decided to go all out on the dinner for two (shared with another person, of course!) that featured soup, shrimp, chicken, steak, fried rice and vegetables. I had a few drinks too. Long story short, I enjoyed myself without guilt, but am feeling a bit of guilt since I tried to track what I ate! It leaves me at -16 for the weekly allowance points. This is partly because we got Culvers for lunch on Sunday. And really, I’m betting my actual points consumed was more than what I tracked. Oh well. I’d resigned myself to a gain this week and I won’t be upset with my results. It was a fun party and I wasn’t guilty!

I was a little concerned with my training through the week because I couldn’t do my long run on Saturday before the party. Instead it was scheduled for Sunday. I had 5 miles on the schedule and was going to be happy with 4 miles or whatever I could manage. It wasn’t looking good to get it done as it rained most of the day and I wasn’t looking forward to using the treadmill. But it cleared up late in the day and I got outside after all!

It really was a mostly great run. I decided early that I’d be able to run the full 5. I maintained between 12:32 and 12:52 for the first 4 miles, but slowed down to 13 for the last mile. This was partly because it started drizzling on me in the fourth mile. It felt good at first, but in the last half mile I got cold! But I was successful in my 5-mile run and thats what matters. I logged 10.5 last week and am planning for 12 to 13 this week.

In spite of my great run, I started to feel sick for a couple hours after I got done. I know now it was from dehydration, as its happened before. I drank on Saturday night and didn’t drink too much water through the day. It just baffled me that I could have a good run in spite of this! I worked on hydrating and had some G2, which usually helps when I’m dehydrated, and within a couple hours it had. My last run after drinking was after I’d had several glasses of wine at a wedding earlier in the day. That run was a lot worse. Lesson learned? Who knows. The moral of the story is not to schedule a long run after a night of drinking! And if I do, drink a lot of water!

So I have a question I’m going to throw out there for my running friends: Is it more important to follow the 10 percent rule or to keep my long run to half my weekly mileage? I’m having a bit of a dilemma as my training program is progressing. To keep my long run at half my weekly mileage, I need to increase by 2 miles per week, which is slightly more than 10 percent!


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

2 thoughts on “Weekend in review

  1. Great job getting those clothes taken in, Jessica!As for long runs… I'd lean toward the 10% rule, but I'd allow some flexibility to make the miles fit. More a "guideline" than rule, eh? Up a week, back a week, up more a week, back a week… Be ambitious, but gentle…

  2. I agree with Dano- because you have a tendency to get injured when you up your training too fast- stick to the 10% rule. I think getting to your race uninjured is way more important than how long your longest run ends up being. Sounds like a fun weekend!

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