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Current weight: 188.2
Pounds lost: 28.8!
Pounds to goal: 13.2

Last week I had lost 2.4 pounds in spite of the eating that took place the weekend before. This week even though I stayed closer to plan, I lost 1.2. Yes, I’m happy that I’ve lost, but what makes the difference? I guess it really doesn’t matter because bottom line: In about two months, I’ll make it to my goal #1 weight.

I remember details of my weights through the years. I associate the notable things with what was going on at the time. What I remember about 188 is that in 2007 I was losing weight and I weighed 184 on my wedding day. When I worked at the Wisconsin State Journal we had these health risk assessments we had to do to determine our health insurance rates for the coming year. In 2007 I had mine 2 days before my wedding, Sept. 29, and I weighed 184. I remember mentioning my wedding to the person taking my blood and then asking if I could work out that day. The nurse said sure, if I wanted my arm to be black and blue for my wedding! I didn’t end up working out that day.

In May 2009 I was ending my first trimester and wrote in this blog that I’d gained 14 pounds in the first trimester. I remember the queasiness and the fact that eating constantly seemed to be the only thing that kept it at bay. However, being overweight I was only supposed to gain 25 pounds the whole pregnancy. Of course, I gained a few more than 25 pounds.

But now I’m losing again and I weigh 188! I only have the first trimester weight to lose! I know what not to do next time I’m pregnant. I really hope to quit the gaining and losing that I’ve done every few years since college. No reason to dwell on this now, however. I’m enjoying my new and continually improving body!


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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