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The diet wagon, that is. I have to confess, I’ve mostly taken the last month off the diet. Somehow I’ve gotten lucky and kept losing weight, though a really small amount. Well, this week I wasn’t so lucky. I gained 3.2 pounds! I expected a gain, but not that much.

Life has gotten in the way lately. First I gave myself the week off for Jeni’s wedding. The next week was Easter. The next week was just an in between week where I had a few too many sweets. Then it was Mother’s Day and my Grandma’s funeral. I’ve kind of been rationalizing that I’m running a lot, so I can eat. I know I can’t sustain weight loss that way though, and this week reminded me.

So as of yesterday, I’m back on the wagon. The last few weeks I’d start tracking, but I’d stop once I had a bad diet day. Starting this week I’m going to track, even when its a bad day. Tomorrow I’m running a 10-mile race and then going to my cousin’s wedding. My eating might not be the best, but I will track it. I just need to get myself back into the routine. I already feel better than I have the last few weeks. I think I can really lose the weight if I can diet well enough even on days I run long! I’ve been a little frustrated with my slowing weight loss, but with my refocus, I know I can get it restarted. My weight loss is not done yet!


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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