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Yesterday I was a bit overambitious and set out to run 12 miles the weekend before the half marathon. I knew going shorter would be OK and maybe better. But I had the goal of getting a 12-mile training run in and I felt pretty good, so I did it. Well…. I’ve heard from several people who have had a cruddy or even terrible long run just before the race and ended up with a great race. So maybe that will be the case for me?
I set out for 12 miles and felt good most of the way. I was going out-and-back through my neighborhood and down to the Military Ridge Trail, via the Ice Age Junction. I recently discovered the junction that connects my neighborhood to Military Ridge and didn’t realize it was so close! I went out nice and relaxed, each mile a bit over 12 minutes. If I could run like this on Sunday, I will be happy. It was hot, but windy so it didn’t feel too bad until I got to a section of trail with no shade. Luckily there are water fountains along the way so I stopped and drank, stopped and walked when I needed to.

I was doubtful about how far I was actually going to go, but when I got to 5 miles, I felt really good. So I ran the 6 miles before turning around. I ran into a friend on the way back during one of my stops, with 8 miles down and 4 to go. I stopped and sat down to talk for a bit and then headed out. I think that stop was my downfall. I made it to 10 miles and then I had to walk the last 2 miles home.

Oh well, lesson learned. Since I had to walk those last 2 miles, I’m counting those in my mileage for last week. The run was good in that even if I didn’t run the full 12, I was on my feet longer than I expect to be running 13.1. So I did get over that 2-hour hump like I wanted. I think I got close to 3 hours! I was definitely exhausted by time I got home!

So now its race week. I’m having random aches and pains. I’m overthinking my training for the week. But I trust my training. No matter what, I will start the race and I will finish it. And I will run well.


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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