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Cliche, I know, but what a difference a year makes

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I have this picture on my work computer as part of my screen saver gallery. Its one of the few pictures of myself from last year that I actually like. Its from Allie’s baptism on May 30, 2010.  It was just a really happy day, lots of happy memories of cramming way too many people in our tiny house to celebrate Allie’s baptism (and a side note, look how little Allie is!). Plus I thought I looked as good as I could look on that day last year.

Anyway, I’ve been seeing this picture pop up on my screen saver and noticing how different my arms look now compared to that picture. Purely by coincidence (well, maybe not all coincidence), I wore that shirt today almost a year to the day that picture was taken and snapped one today. What I really noticed is how toned my arms are now, but put these pictures next to each other and there’s plenty of other stuff to notice!

Wow! I am continually amazed in noticing the changes from last year. My arms are toned, thats perhaps the most amazing thing to me. My arms have never been toned.

Even when I’m feeling discouraged becuase my weight loss has been slowing, I’m still making progress. I just need to look at pictures of myself from 2010, versus pictures from 2011. This is what its all about. I’m improving my body and creating a good example for Allie.


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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