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Cliche, I know, but what a difference a year makes

I have this picture on my work computer as part of my screen saver gallery. Its one of the few pictures of myself from last year that I actually like. Its from Allie’s baptism on May 30, 2010.  It was just a really happy day, lots of happy memories of cramming way too many people in our tiny house to celebrate Allie’s baptism (and a side note, look how little Allie is!). Plus I thought I looked as good as I could look on that day last year.

Anyway, I’ve been seeing this picture pop up on my screen saver and noticing how different my arms look now compared to that picture. Purely by coincidence (well, maybe not all coincidence), I wore that shirt today almost a year to the day that picture was taken and snapped one today. What I really noticed is how toned my arms are now, but put these pictures next to each other and there’s plenty of other stuff to notice!

Wow! I am continually amazed in noticing the changes from last year. My arms are toned, thats perhaps the most amazing thing to me. My arms have never been toned.

Even when I’m feeling discouraged becuase my weight loss has been slowing, I’m still making progress. I just need to look at pictures of myself from 2010, versus pictures from 2011. This is what its all about. I’m improving my body and creating a good example for Allie.


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Couch potato

We don’t make a habit of letting Allie just sit and watch TV. But Sunday morning after breakfast, Doug was going to take Allie grocery shopping while I ran 12 miles. Allie was playing in the living room and the TV was on ESPN. We were doing our thing getting ready, when I noticed that the sound was off on the TV. I look over from the kitchen and see Allie sitting on the couch fiddling with the remote like she’d been doing it her whole life.

Just randomly pressing the buttons, she turned the sound all the way down and then changed the channel and had the TV on the On Demand channel before I took the remote away. Luckily she didn’t manage to order a movie!

I want to send a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our nephew Carson. Doug says he turned 10 today. Was Doug right Carson? I hope you had a great birthday! I also want to say hi to Cole. We miss you boys and hope to see you soon!

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Rough run = great race?

Yesterday I was a bit overambitious and set out to run 12 miles the weekend before the half marathon. I knew going shorter would be OK and maybe better. But I had the goal of getting a 12-mile training run in and I felt pretty good, so I did it. Well…. I’ve heard from several people who have had a cruddy or even terrible long run just before the race and ended up with a great race. So maybe that will be the case for me?
I set out for 12 miles and felt good most of the way. I was going out-and-back through my neighborhood and down to the Military Ridge Trail, via the Ice Age Junction. I recently discovered the junction that connects my neighborhood to Military Ridge and didn’t realize it was so close! I went out nice and relaxed, each mile a bit over 12 minutes. If I could run like this on Sunday, I will be happy. It was hot, but windy so it didn’t feel too bad until I got to a section of trail with no shade. Luckily there are water fountains along the way so I stopped and drank, stopped and walked when I needed to.

I was doubtful about how far I was actually going to go, but when I got to 5 miles, I felt really good. So I ran the 6 miles before turning around. I ran into a friend on the way back during one of my stops, with 8 miles down and 4 to go. I stopped and sat down to talk for a bit and then headed out. I think that stop was my downfall. I made it to 10 miles and then I had to walk the last 2 miles home.

Oh well, lesson learned. Since I had to walk those last 2 miles, I’m counting those in my mileage for last week. The run was good in that even if I didn’t run the full 12, I was on my feet longer than I expect to be running 13.1. So I did get over that 2-hour hump like I wanted. I think I got close to 3 hours! I was definitely exhausted by time I got home!

So now its race week. I’m having random aches and pains. I’m overthinking my training for the week. But I trust my training. No matter what, I will start the race and I will finish it. And I will run well.

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She’s a star

Last Saturday we went to Alex’s 9th birthday party. Alex is one of Allie’s cousins on my side of the family. We had a great time hanging out with the family! Allie found these glasses in with the toys. Isn’t she the cutest? She’s a star!

My sister Jocelyn took these pictures. She’s going to Eastern Illinois University this fall to study, among other things, photojournalism. She takes some good pictures. She also shot the pictures for Jeni’s wedding in April.

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Race week is here!

And I’m totally overthinking how to train in the final few days before the race!

Right now, I’m thinking I’ll run on Tuesday and Thursday, slow and 3 or 4 miles for each. I’ll try to go to spin class on Wednesday morning. I may or may not do bodypump this week. I skipped it last week, and I’d like to go this week, but I don’t want it to be too close to the race.

I got my race week email last weekend. And I got my bib number! I’m 2832! I signed up to have my race updates posted to my facebook page. Also, anyone interested can go to this link to sign up to get updates emailed.

The weather is trending upward, as in its looking like it will be hot. Hopefully it won’t be too hot at 7:12 a.m. when we start!

I’m so excited. I’ve been excited and feeling ready for the last month. My biggest concern has been that I’ll talk myself out of it. Sure enough, after a tough long run yesterday, I’m trying to talk myself out of it. But I know I’ll be fine. I’m so excited and I’m ready. No matter what happens on race day, I’ve made it this far. So I’m already victorious. The race will be the icing on the cake.

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First forecast

Ok, well actually its the second. I didn’t get to post yesterday when I actually saw the first forecast. And its already changed! So really, there’s no reason for me to even look for it.

The race day forecast right now: low of 52, high 72, and showers.

Yesterday it had the same temps, but said partly sunny. Now its not only showers, but 60 percent chance.

I know it will change every day until the day. But I can’t help checking!

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Who is this grown-up girl?

Is this my baby?

She’s so grown up!

She runs around and talks and feeds herself and is trying to dress herself too (well, undress herself mostly).

Wasn’t it just the other day when she was learning to roll over? When we’d put her on her tummy and she’d cry because she couldn’t move? Isn’t this the baby who slept the first six months of her life away?

Someone replaced my baby with a big girl!