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Adventures in Missouri

We loved every minute we spent with family down in St. Peters, MO. On Thursday we went to this big recreation complex that had, among other things, a gym and an indoor pool. The indoor pool was a good choice as it was strangely chilly outside that day!

Allie took a liking to her cousins Carson and Cole right away. She’d been reunited with them less than an hour earlier, and decided to hold their hands as we all walked in to start our adventures.

First thing’s first. We headed to the gym where some of us shot baskets. Mama even shot a few and even made one. Allie enjoyed throwing around a little football we got for the pool, though we didn’t actually use in the pool.

She loved just running around. And she looked extra adorable running around in those cute little flip flops that Mama bought especially for this trip. She doesn’t keep them on when she’s sitting, but she did just fine walking and running in them.
I took quite a few pictures here, but unfortunately most of them came out blurry. There’s Dada and cousin Cole in the background of the above last. Dada likes to brag about his basketball skills and I found out he doesn’t exaggerate too much… he’s actually pretty good.
Then it was time for the pool. It was a bit cramped, especially when we first got in because it was so crowded. But there were a lot of fun activities.

I think any time spent in water is Allie’s favorite. We were in the pool for about two and a half hours. We were definitely tired and ready for dinner by the time we got out! We went to dinner at this pizza buffet restaurant where we all stuffed ourselves. Allie got nice and messy, of course. She loves her pizza!

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The face of exhaustion

Allie didn’t nap for three days. I calculated her sleep deficit, meaning the missed naps and shortened sleeps to be 12 to 15 hours. That’s not to say she wasn’t tired!
At times on our trip, she would sit perfectly still for awhile with Dada or Mama. This is unheard of most of the time.

Even at the very beginning of our trip to the zoo last Friday, the exhaustion on her face is evident:

But then we had incidents like this one, at 9 that evening after the zoo, where Allie sure didn’t look like she was ready for bed despite being exhausted:

Surprisingly enough, we put her in the crib, and even though the adults were still in the room talking and drinking wine, she fell asleep. The next morning, she again awoke too early but decided to rest with Mama for awhile:

When we got in the car to go home a few hours later, she promptly fell asleep for her first nap in three days. Unfortunately it was for only 45 minutes, as she woke up when the car came to a stop in a construction zone.
No wonder Allie’s been cranky so far this week!

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Just what I needed

This morning I ran 6 glorious miles. I could tell in the first quarter mile that this run was going to be way better than Sunday’s. I set out for 6, with a secondary goal of running at least more than 4 since that was the longest I had run last week. I ended up reaching 6 and I was so excited!

It was pretty humid, but the temp was only 60 degrees so it felt really nice. Another reason I’m happy is that I reassured myself I can run 6 miles before the 10K next week! I do have a 10-miler planned for this week so that would be reassuring too, but I’m not counting on anything!

Unfortunately I am a little concerned that my ankles and my hips have been sore. My knee is getting a little weird as well. Aches and pains like this tend to be my indication that I need new shoes. But it may also be because I wore flip flops all last week and am getting used to my heel lift again now. I was really hoping that as I’m losing weight and getting faster I could make my shoes last longer. My last pair was retired with only 205 miles. This pair is already at 221.2. I’d really love it if I could get to 300, but we’ll see. For now, I need to wait at least a week or two before I buy those shoes, so hopefully I’m not doing myself any damage.

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Getting there is half the fun

We started on our vacation road trip early Wednesday morning. Our darling Allie didn’t nap at all along the way. We didn’t stop much to walk around because we thought she was going to fall asleep. She didn’t. So we had a cranky baby for the last hour or so of the trip.

Wednesday night we stayed near the St. Louis air port. A good friend of mine lives nearby so we went to visit her that evening. It became obvious we couldn’t spend too much time in one place, especially not the hotel room, because of Allie’s affinity for touching everything she can reach.

She’s a goof ball for sure. It was challenging to look after her, but she sure was entertaining!

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Purses galore

One of the highlights of our trip to see Julie, Carson, Cole and Grandma and Grandpa was that everyone spoiled Allie rotten. I’ve written on here a lot about how Allie loves purses. Well, Allie had two new purses to explore.

Allie explored Aunt Julie’s purse first. It was big with lots of pockets and zippers.

 Aunt Julie even let her take some things out.

Including this rice krispie treat! Allie played with it for hours. Well, for the trip from the pool to the pizza place. Its actually still in the car. I’m sure it doesn’t taste too good after being in the hot car for several days.

Then Allie discovered Grandma’s purse. She picked it up and wouldn’t give it back. So Grandma let her have it on the car ride from the pool to the pizza place. Between the rice krispie treat and the purse, she was in heaven.

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Vacation running=FAIL

I tried. Between the horrid humidity, traveling, eating junk and dehydration, running over this vacation was a fail. I had scaled down my expectations for mileage but I’m still a bit disappointed. Oh well.

The humidity at the beginning of the week made my runs hard and they all got shortened. Then while traveling I was eating too much junk. The run I attempted at the hotel on Thursday was interrupted in the middle and then cut short. My legs really wanted to run that night, but my stomach had other plans.

Yesterday I was sure I’d finally get in a longer run. The humidity was 50 percent less! Unfortunately it was 79 degrees by the time I started, which made it almost as uncomfortable as the humidity. Not to mention I had the same tummy issues that plagued Thursday’s run at the hotel.

The results: Four runs last week, but none above 4 miles: 4,3,2,3.5. Oh well, at least I did it. I’m not going to disclose how much weight I gained in 10 days. I’ll suffice it to say I hope the number is even a tad bit lower on Thursday than it was yesterday.

So this is a new week. I had planned to run today, but decided to take a day to get diet and hydration back to normal. I did body flow this morning instead, which is a great way to start the day. Hopefully I’ll run about 25 miles this week, including a 10-miler. I have to figure out how to coordinate my run days, however, because I signed up for a 10K next Monday, the 4th of July! I’d planned a 10K in Milwaukee on July 10, but between traveling to it and the $50 entry fee, the local race at $20 entry fee is a steal.

I ran this 10K three years ago and liked it well enough. I remember that race as being really tough because it was my first 10K. I’m hoping to run my full mileage this week so that next week’s race won’t be so tough.

In other news, I’m considering skipping the August half and waiting until September or October. Running last week reminded me that running in August may be even more rough than last week was! Do I really want to spend money to torture myself that way when I could do that for free? Who knows, hopefully I’ll have a few good weeks here and change my mind. I hate when I overthink my training or racing.

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Home sweet home

This about sums it up: We’re tired and very happy to be home! Allie didn’t nap a wink until this morning (read: no nap for THREE days) in the car for only 45 minutes. On the way home we stopped at my parents’ house to pick up Monk and also for the cookout for my brother Justin’s birthday. Allie fell asleep in the car again in the hour between Rockton and home. She was so happy to be in her own bed that she didn’t make a peep when we put her to bed. I expect her to sleep A LOT tomorrow.

We had such a fun trip seeing Aunt Julie, cousins Carson and Cole and Grandma and Grandpa Durso! I wish we could have all stayed together longer. At the same time, however, we’re happy to be home and VERY happy we have tomorrow to decompress. I suspect I might even be ready to go back to work on Monday.

I have lots of fun pictures to share from our road trip adventure. Stay tuned!

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I’ve had enough humidity!

My last few runs have been tough at the humidity has been over 80 percent. Even though it hasn’t been terribly hot when I go out, I come home looking like I’ve been swimming. I ran 9 miles Sunday, 4 on Monday and 3 this morning. And its just hard. We’re headed out on a road trip south today through Saturday. I’m sure the humidity will be the same or worse. I’ll probably be running on hotel treadmills- how uncomfortable will that be?

Vacation hasn’t been very good to my weight so far this week. In fact, I’m skipping weigh in this week. I know that my weight is inflated from going out to eat a lot and eating more ice cream than normal. So after we get home on Saturday, I’ll fix it. I’m not worried. I’m on vacation after all!

I’d already decided this week would be a cutback. It might end up cutting back a lot more than I’d intended if this humidity doesn’t improve! It doesn’t bother me though. I’m all about flexibility. After vacation I’ll have 8 weeks til the Madison Mini, and I know thats plenty of time.

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Fun first day of summer!

This afternoon we went swimming. We weren’t sure we’d be able to because thunderstorms were predicted. There were a few pop-up showers, but that just made the weather hotter and more steamy – perfect for a swim!

I think its pretty obvious from these pictures that Allie LOVED the pool. At 4:20 we had to get out for the 10-minute safety check. Allie cried and didn’t want to come out. We finally wrangled her and decided to head home because we’d been there almost an hour. We didn’t want to do too much for our first time at the pool.

After the pool we went out to a nice dinner at Panera. Allie had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and yogurt. If every restaurant had PBJ, going out to eat wouldn’t be a problem! After we finished our dinner we walked over to Cold Stone Creamery. Allie shared with our ice cream and loved it. She had her own spoon and enjoyed having bites, whether she got something on the spoon or not. She made quite a mess of herself. I didn’t have the camera though to capture that fun!

For the second part of our vacation we’re heading down toward St. Louis to see Aunt Julie, cousins Carson and Cole along with Grandma and Grandpa Durso! We’re looking forward to seeing them and having even more summer adventures.