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Last week was supposed to be a recovery week. After all I did run a half marathon. But I ended up running less than I expected. I was feeling a little burned out and my legs were not happy with me either. So I only ran twice for 7 miles last week. It would have been 8, but my 5-miler on Sunday was cut to 4 because it was so hot.

This morning I set out for 5 miles again and not only accomplished it, I actually felt really good. And I was really fast too. I ran 5 miles in 57:17, which was an average pace of 11:28! What amazed me even more were my mile splits: 11:49, 11:35, 11:15, 11:19 and 11:19! I’m pretty sure I’ve never run paces that quick in the same run. I’ve never really worried about pace, but I have been considering making that a focus. Perhaps this is an indication that I really should.

Its very hot here this week. Today its already 87 with heat index of 91. At 5:30 when I started my run it was 77. So considering the heat, my time is even more of a surprise to me. I tried to hold back but my body had other plans. Hopefully I get acclimated to the heat of summer pretty soon. I need to get a water bottle to take running.

Anyway, this week I’m planning to run three times to total around 15 miles. I’m thinking Friday will be 3 and Sunday will be 6 or 7. I’ll get back to bodypump for the first time in three weeks on Thursday. I might spin tomorrow. Next week I’ll get back into training mode. I’m thinking I might not really follow a training plan, but instead just put together a calendar of what I want my long runs to be and work the others that week around it. I found in training for the Madison half that I really don’t need a training plan to guide me. I wonder if this experiment would tell me otherwise?


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

One thought on “Back at it

  1. I think that's fine. I'm sure you've seen enough training plans that you know what they are generally like, and you've trained for enough races- good and bad- that you know what works for you.

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