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Well, I won’t run again til either tomorrow or Wednesday, so I suppose it doesn’t really start today. But you get the idea. I took two easy weeks after the Madison half and now starting this week I’m in training for the Madison Mini-Half. Its on Aug. 20, which is in 10 weeks.

For this half I’m going to make my own plan. I’m going to map out what I want my long runs to be and goal mileage for the week and plan the rest of my runs around that. I’m going to start this week with 20 miles including an 8- or 9-mile long run. A goal I have for this training is to keep my long run as a smaller portion of my weekly miles. An 8-mile long run in a 20-mile week will be 40 percent. But I’m not sure how easily I can maintain this proportion since I only run four days a week. I’ll just have to wait and see how that shakes out.

I’m toying with the idea of adding some speed work and/or hill training in this cycle. My neighborhood is half hilly and half mostly flat. In the past I’ve only been running on the flat part. But yesterday I decided to start out on the hilly part. I powered up and down two hills that were about two-tenths of a mile up and a good distance down. I felt nice and strong and might have tried a third, but I was at the beginning of a 7-miler and needed to save myself.

I really have no idea how to incorporate speed work or hills. I’m sure the hills are easier to figure out than the speed. My overall paces have improved a lot in the past year, but I have no idea how to pace myself. My mile splits yesterday were 11:07 for the fastest (and I don’t know where that came from because it was closer to the end when I was tired) and 11:52 for the slowest. And it wasn’t a numerical progression either. Hmmm… I guess I’ll just have to actually read about it and seek advice from my running friends (running friends: Thats your invitation to comment).

For my 10 weeks of training, I’ll have two cutback weeks, either the fourth or fifth week. Having a cutback every fifth week would give me a taper week before the race, as well as an extra long run. But if I do it every fourth week, I’ll end up with some extra rest closer to the race, which I know would have helped me the first time around. With the first option I’ll get 5 runs of 10 or more, the second I’ll get 6. I’m really hoping to get to a 14-miler too, but I suppose thats not essential.

So here’s how I am thinking of structuring my training with a cutback every fourth week (week number, total mileage, LR):
1. 20 total, 8 LR
2. 22 total, 9 LR
3. 24 total, 10 LR
4. cutback with 6 as my longest run
5. 26 total, 11 LR
6. 28 total, 12 LR
7. 30 total, 13 LR
8. cutback with 7 or 8 as my longest run
9. 30ish total, 14 LR
10. taper, w/ race on Saturday

This is a weird race since its on Saturday. I’m not sure how that would affect my schedule yet. I don’t know how feasible it will be to get much over about 28 miles for total weekly mileage, but I’ll figure that out when I get there. Here’s my thought for the cutback every fifth week option:
1. 20 total, 8 LR
2. 22 total, 9 LR
3. 24 total, 10 LR
4. 26 total, 11 LR
5. cutback, with 6 as my longest run
6. 28 total, 12 LR
7. 30 total, 13 LR
8. 30ish total, 14 LR
9. 30ish total, 12 LR
10. cutback/taper, w/ race on Saturday.

Hmmmm, decisions decisions. Of course I have no idea how this fits with my race schedule. I also may accelerate my plan by starting with a 9-miler instead of 8. I’ll just have to see what this week ends up looking like. I plan to get back to bodypump, which I haven’t attended now in nearly a month. In addition to that, I need to do some cross training and will either to spinning or bodyflow, a combo yoga/pilates/tai chi class I tried last week and really liked.


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One thought on “Training starts today

  1. That's a tough one… even though in theory I like the every 4th week cutback better, I think the every 5th week works out better schedule-wise. The only thing I'd do differently- if it were me- would be to do like 8mi on the 9th week rather than 12 so you really get a good taper.Some thoughts on speedwork and hills… Pick one day a week that's far from your long run (say Tuesday or Wednesday) to be your quality day for the week. Alternate from week to week between doing a hill workout and a speed workout. On the hill days, run your normal mileage in the hilly part of your neighborhood (and I know there's some crazy hills around there!). On the speed days you could do something like 20 minutes of 1min fast, 1min slow (so 10 reps) built into the middle of your run. You could also do a tempo-ish run where you run warm up for a mile, then run a mile faster, and then cool down for a mile. I don't think you have to worry about hitting specific paces for your speedwork when you start out. Just go faster than normal. That's just my 2 cents. I think it would give you enough of a training stimulus to see results but not kill you or injure you.YAY! I love living vicariously through other people and their training. I'm actually on doctors orders not to run more than 5mi at a time šŸ˜¦ to try to get this whole baby thing happening so no cool training plans for me.

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