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I tried. Between the horrid humidity, traveling, eating junk and dehydration, running over this vacation was a fail. I had scaled down my expectations for mileage but I’m still a bit disappointed. Oh well.

The humidity at the beginning of the week made my runs hard and they all got shortened. Then while traveling I was eating too much junk. The run I attempted at the hotel on Thursday was interrupted in the middle and then cut short. My legs really wanted to run that night, but my stomach had other plans.

Yesterday I was sure I’d finally get in a longer run. The humidity was 50 percent less! Unfortunately it was 79 degrees by the time I started, which made it almost as uncomfortable as the humidity. Not to mention I had the same tummy issues that plagued Thursday’s run at the hotel.

The results: Four runs last week, but none above 4 miles: 4,3,2,3.5. Oh well, at least I did it. I’m not going to disclose how much weight I gained in 10 days. I’ll suffice it to say I hope the number is even a tad bit lower on Thursday than it was yesterday.

So this is a new week. I had planned to run today, but decided to take a day to get diet and hydration back to normal. I did body flow this morning instead, which is a great way to start the day. Hopefully I’ll run about 25 miles this week, including a 10-miler. I have to figure out how to coordinate my run days, however, because I signed up for a 10K next Monday, the 4th of July! I’d planned a 10K in Milwaukee on July 10, but between traveling to it and the $50 entry fee, the local race at $20 entry fee is a steal.

I ran this 10K three years ago and liked it well enough. I remember that race as being really tough because it was my first 10K. I’m hoping to run my full mileage this week so that next week’s race won’t be so tough.

In other news, I’m considering skipping the August half and waiting until September or October. Running last week reminded me that running in August may be even more rough than last week was! Do I really want to spend money to torture myself that way when I could do that for free? Who knows, hopefully I’ll have a few good weeks here and change my mind. I hate when I overthink my training or racing.


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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