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Outrunning the thunderstorm

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Its hot… really hot. It was hot this morning too. When I was heading out for my 5 miles, it was 78 already with 71 percent humidity! Funny thing about that though… I checked the temp and the humidity and neglected to look further down on the page at the radar, and note the approaching thunderstorm!

So I set out at 5:15 and it was humid but nice and windy, which made it bearable. I had gone out with the flexibility to run 3 to 5, depending on how I felt. The wind made me sure I could make it to 4. Then as I got a bit farther along, I decided I could hit 5.

But I had seen a few bolts of lightning in the distance. I thought it was heat lightning because there were no other indications of a storm coming. Unfortunately, just as I got past the point where I could have turned to make my run 4 miles, and the point at which I’m furthest from the safety of my house, the thunder started.

Oops! I wasn’t terribly concerned because it sure didn’t seem like a storm was coming. I kept running but a bit up the road decided to turn and head closer to home. I was far enough along that my run was going to be short, but not too short. I figured if I got home I could finish 5 closer to home. But as I kept going, I saw more lightning and heard more thunder. The sky was getting dark in places. I started running faster… with 2 miles to go, I was hoping the storm would hold off another 24 minutes or so.

The thunder became more frequent as I crossed back into my subdivision. I was running at an unheard of pace for me, the 10:45 to 11:00 range! Every time I thought it was a false alarm I saw big lightning bolts and heard big thunder claps.

I got home at about 4.6 miles. I ended up running down to the corner past my house and back to end up with 4.75. I watched the storm coming in as I stretched on the porch. I went inside and logged my run on the computer, still waiting for the storm to come in.

Well, maybe there wasn’t anything on the radar when I left for that run. There was a blip on the radar after. We were right in the middle of it but it still hadn’t rained. I could have finished the 5 miles. Of course, it is easy for me to say that after the fact. The sensible side of me knows I don’t want to be out running around when there’s thunder and lightning. At least I gutted it out and got most or my run in!

So I did outrun a thunderstorm… sort of. It did finally rain, but not until about an hour after I got home.

Tomorrow I have 10 on my schedule, but that may be in doubt depending on how hot it is and when I can get to it. Plans for the holiday weekend are still up in the air. But whatever distance I end up running, I’ll add .25 to it to make up for the part I didn’t run this morning.


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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