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My running has been a bit inconsistent since the half marathon. I had a couple down weeks that I planned on. Then I was back to training for a week and after that, vacation made me decide to take another cutback. It ended up being more of a cutback than I wanted. So then we got to this week. I was looking for 25 miles, to include a 10-mile long run. But its summer and as such, I’ve decided to just be flexible and not push myself too hard when its hot.

I got my runs in during the week. And then it was Friday night and I pondered 10 miles I had planned for Saturday. Its stinkin’ hot, but I knew I could stand a fighting chance if I got it done early. I don’t suppose I might the early long runs. It is so nice to get them done early, but at the same time its the weekend and I’m tired!

So I knew I’d run today, just doubted how much. I happened to mention this on my facebook page and got encouragement from several of my friends to just get up and do this! I also got a sweet text from a fellow running friend at about 5:45 this morning (who’d gotten up way earlier than me for her run)! Well, I did it. I run around the neighborhood and know where I can turn to shorten my routes. But going shorter didn’t really cross my mind too much.

It was 79 already with 86 percent humidity. But like yesterday there was a breeze. By the time I was really sweating, my shirt was soaked and then the breeze cooled me. I took water along and had three planned (and one unplanned) stops for water and fuel. I wore my contacts, which I don’t normally do when I’m up so early, so that I didn’t have to deal with my glasses fogging up.

Perhaps the best help was getting out early and getting the majority done before the sun came out. Because when the sun came out with about a mile and a half to go, I was toast, literally. Wow did I get hot! That was when I had my unplanned water stop. My legs were getting tight and the heat was on. But I did it. And then I had a nice day of doing just about nothing. It was great. I even got a nap!

We definitely stayed inside most of the day though! The air has been running constantly. I sure hope it cools down at least a little!

When I got done, I was more drenched than I remember after a run. I could have wrung out my shirt. I was drinking water as I went and I had a full bottle right after I got done (which made me a little nauseus for a minute or two… note to self, don’t drink too much water too quickly after a hard run!), and I still lost 4.5 pounds on the run! Yikes! I’ve actually done way better hydrating since this morning though, so thats good.
I’m pondering why running in the humidity was so hard last week but a bit easier this week. I don’t really know. Maybe I was more determined. Maybe I’m getting used to it. Where last week I doubted if I wanted to run a half marathon in August, when the weather could be even worse, this morning I was back to being confident that I could do it. The only real concern I think would be the sun. It really heated me up when it came out this morning. The race starts at 7 and this morning the sun came out at about 7:45… which would leave me running in the sun for almost two hours longer. I know I definitely wouldn’t expect a real improvement in my time. Should I or shouldn’t I?


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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