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Not-so-great 11 miles, but its done

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Note to self: Stale fruit snacks don’t make good fuel for a long run. I realized last night that I didn’t have anything to take along on my long run this morning. I remembered I had some really old ones up in my room. Yuck.

I got up early and decided to drive to the Capital City Trail starting at Panera. I was running by 6:15. It started out well. I planned to stop for a drink every 3 miles like I did last week. The first 6 miles were good, great even. But it took forever to eat the stale fruit snacks and I had a hard time getting started again, not to mention I didn’t feel particularly fueled. I managed to run another couple miles to get to 8. I realized the last 3 miles weren’t going to be pretty, but I wanted to try and keep running, if only to get done faster. I walked .25 and ran .75 for 2 miles. I tried to do this interval for the last mile, but I just couldn’t keep it up. I’d been having a hard time catching my breath when I walked. Well in the last mile I really couldn’t breathe.

Even when I end up walking the last mile, it still counts as part of my run because its hard to walk the last mile after I’ve already run 10! So I did get my 11 miles but it sure wasn’t pretty. I don’t know if I will try to do 11 again next week or go on to 12.

This was a PR mileage week! I ran 28.5 miles. It might even be an all-time PR. Next week I’ll aim for 30 or so, which of course would be another PR. Then the week after I’ll have a cutback week. I’m still waffling on the half marathon, but I will probably run it.


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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