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Black beans on a pizza?

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One key to our success on weight watchers has been cooking dinner. It seems obvious, but before Doug and I started weight watchers in January, I didn’t plan our meals well. So we ended up going out to eat a lot and/or eating a lot of frozen pizza. The frozen pizza wasn’t bad in itself, but we ate a lot of it.

I’ve done pretty well for the most part with planning our meals. We have occasionally gone out to eat, but not much. Since I plan meals for the week to include a few things that will have leftovers for our lunches, we have leftovers a lot for dinner too. We also eat hot dogs. Its easier to portion control those. Some people don’t care for hot dogs, but we like them a lot. But thats not the subject of this post.

I’ve wanted to add a food portion to this blog for awhile now. So I’m starting tonight! While I plan meals, the planning and making the grocery list is the most tedious chore of my week. Sometimes I’m uninspired and we have a lot of repeat meals. This week I decided to look for some new dishes.

One of my favorite web sites is Its “a photo gallery that allows you to visually search and discover new recipes, techniques and ingredients to inspire your culinary adventures.” Contributors submit their food photography and the best images are displayed.

There’s a lot of fancy stuff, different dietary recipes, seasonal stuff. I look through the different blogs and recipes and bookmark things I’d like to try. I have a list a mile long, it seems, on my bookmarks at work. Occasionally I go through and delete recipes I’ve printed or that I know I’ll never make. The list never gets any shorter because I am always adding to it.

I bookmarked a few new recipes last Friday to try this week because I’ve been in a food rut. Tonight I made one that not only we loved, but Allie loved! With how picky this kid can be at meal time, I’m constantly searching for food that will meet her approval. This BBQ Black Bean Pizza is it!

Allie cleaned her plate-she’s never done that! She usually leaves some or throws some on the floor. She ate every single bite. Look how excited she is to be eating that! I thought this would do well with her, pizza and black beans are two of her favorite foods.

I was also happy to see that the finished product actually looked like the pictures! Look at the link to the recipe! That hardly ever happens.

Doug and I have become big fans of black beans, partly because Allie likes them so much, but also for their protein… its expensive to have meat every night. So I’ve been looking for alternatives and black beans have made the cut. Like the blogger says, it seems like an odd combination, but it works!

The recipe includes a homemade crust, but I used a premade one instead, boboli whole wheat. I plan to try the homemade version sometime though. Using the premade crust made this a quick weeknight meal before I headed off to an appointment. And it was an easy cleanup as well.

I used open pit barbecue sauce and red peppers, another great combination. The blogger says this can be BBQ chicken pizza too, something else I plan to try. This recipe is definitely staying in our rotation!


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