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What we got at the farmer’s market today:

– Three ears corn on the cob, which we paired with eye of round steak and mashed potatoes for dinner tonight.
– Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers – for salad, yum!
– A pound of green beans. Last time we got green beans we ate half and froze the other half. I think I may freeze all of these.
– Two pounds ground angus beef. I’m still amazed this stuff is so cheap! Its only $2.89 a pound and its the best stuff I’ve ever tasted. Ground beef at every other booth at the farmers market is $4 or more a pound. We’ll use this for crock pot spaghetti this week.
– A pound of rhubarb. I’m enjoying buying one thing at the farmer’s market for a baked treat. I’ve been intrigued by rhubarb. I remember my dad liked rhubarb. I don’t know that I remember the taste. So this week, hopefully tomorrow, I’m going to make some rhubarb crumb cake.
– Cheese curds, because I cannot go to a farmer’s market without getting cheese curds! I chose the cajun flavor and its soooooo good.
– Bakery treats. We usually get to the market around 11 and by the time we get around the square, there’s a bakery booth that by about noon starts doing buy one get one free. So today we each got two bakery treats. I chose a scone and a cookie and Doug got a cookie and doughnut. And we ate all treats very quickly after lunch!
– Empanadas, for lunch. Doug got pulled pork and I got a shredded beef and cheese. They were sooooo good, although mine had green olives in it, which I didn’t expect or appreciate. But it was good.

On the surface it seems like stuff at the farmers market is too expensive. Yet it always surprises us how much we end up buying and how relatively little we spent. I wish I had the talent and the space to grow some of my own produce, but the farmer’s market is the next best thing!


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I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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