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Why haven’t I discovered rhubarb sooner?

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Last time we went to the farmer’s market two weeks ago, I bought some Door County cherries to make muffins. Yesterday I wanted to get something else to use in a baked treat. I’d been seeing rhubarb at the farmers markets for awhile but never bought any. I decided yesterday I had to snap some up and see what I could do with it. It turns out I can make some yummy crumb cake! In reading about rhubarb, it sounds like this time of year is late in rhubarb season, so I may have snapped some up in my last chance… though thats a shame because I’d certainly like to buy some more!

Nope, not a good picture. If I’m going to start blogging a bit about food, maybe I should work on the photography. Thats a big part of food blogging, apparently, is taking attractive pictures of the food. Makes sense. But I’ll work on that later.

After we got home I went to good old, and found this rhubarb crumb cake recipe. According to the blog post, rhubarb actually is a vegetable but is commonly regarded as fruit. Whatever it is, it makes a good cake.

It used a lot of dishes, but it was really easy to put together. The crumb topping was made with brown sugar, salt, flour and melted butter. Using melted butter is so much easier than other crumb toppings I’ve made with hard butter! I whisked that topping together, mixed some brown sugar and flour with the rhubarb, mixed up a mixture of flour, salt and baking powder. Then I finally got the mixer out and mixed everything else up. The cake batter went on the bottom, rhubarb on top of that and then the crumb topping. And everything mixed together while it baked. It looked so good before even putting it in the oven that Doug and I wanted to eat it before baking!

The recipe called for dark brown sugar, but I have light. I don’t know what difference light or dark brown sugar makes. I also had an 8 inch pan instead of 9. I don’t know if that made any difference in the recipe. It made for cutting into some tiny pieces. The recipe is supposed to be 16 pieces, but I only cut it into 12.

Oh my gosh this is sweet goodness! Allie seemed to like it too, but I think she was more excited about being given a big kid spoon instead of her baby spoons. I don’t see this cake lasting too long in our house! If they still have rhubarb next time I go to the farmers market, I will get some more and see what else I can make!


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