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A more speedy Jessica

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Its true that the right pair of shoes don’t need to be broken in. And yet, I’ve been running for three years or so and I still forget that. But the important thing is that I have remembered it this time and I’m now in a pair of shoes that works for me right now.

Feet (and blog), meet your new ASICS GT-2160’s. I’ve run 20 miles in them so far, including the very first run of 8 miles. So far, so good. On that first 8-miler on Sunday, it felt like my toes were going to squish like they did in the other shoes. I thought I’d be returning them to the store the day after I bought them. But that feeling went away and the run ended up fine!

The only potential issue, that I think has been resolved, is a bit of a rub on my little toes on the seams. That seam on the shoe along with the seam in my socks made for some slight blisters. But they were the kind that I figured with the right socks and/or running in them a few times would make them go away. My thinner running socks are better than thicker regular socks. And my double-layer running socks turned inside out seem to be the best solution. I need to try my thin single-layer running socks inside out as well. In the past I’ve been lazy and just wore whatever socks I pulled out of the drawer or whatever I was wearing before. But I think with these shoes I need to wear thin running socks for optimal comfort.

My running has really been changing over the last week. The cooler weather is really helping my performance. I’m sure my new shoes help too. Every run for the last week I’ve started slower in the first mile and gotten faster each mile. I ran my fastest mile post-partum on Monday in 10:39. And then I ran my fastest mile post-partum on Wednesday at 10:36! I was advised by several running friends however that I need to work on pacing myself and slowing down to avoid burnout and injury. I’ve been burnt out and injured and I prefer to avoid both!

I’ve been reading all summer that running in heat and humidity will make you faster in the fall. Thats definitely true! The first time I saw a mile time under 11 minutes last week, I thought it was just a one-time thing. But I guess that wasn’t the case. This morning I had to pay more attention to the garmin (which I hate to do) in order to hold myself to 11:30 pace, and it was hard. I did that for 3 miles. If I stopped paying attention my pace got down to 11:15. The 11:30 felt incredibly easy. I’m entering a whole new world in running.

Its a shame I decided not to run the Madison Mini-Marathon tomorrow. I decided not to because the heat and humidity in August can be horrible. And considering how July was, I thought it would be especially bad. But the weather this week has actually been really nice. Tomorrow’s supposed to be nice. I wonder what result I would have if I ran a half tomorrow? I really think I could PR in any distance right now. Though maybe not as much of a PR in a 5K because it takes me a mile or two to get started.

How strange that I’m thinking like this now! I love seeing the improvement! I’m looking into fall races and still trying to figure out how to structure my half marathon training for November. I think that will start in the next couple weeks. I need to find my running method book I got two or three years ago and never read. I’m really excited to see what happens!


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

One thought on “A more speedy Jessica

  1. Finally, the right pair! Here's to the newer, speedier Jessica!

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