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I made these amazing pumpkin chocolate chip cookies last week. I wanted to bake and while I was initially thinking of carrot cake, I started thinking of a recipe I’d seen for soft pumpkin cookies. I searched and was reminded of the pumpkin chocolate chip combination, which is amazing! I had a treat day at work last week and we wanted to have plenty of cookies at home, so I doubled the batch. In hind sight, I always have leftovers from the treat days and I probably should quit doubling the recipe! Because we ate a bunch of cookies last week… and I complain about not losing weight!

These were good cookies. I created a monster with them, however, a cookie monster otherwise known as Allie. When I was baking them I gave her one. Then she wanted more, and more. I told her we had to wait for Dada to come home. We started enforcing finishing dinner before having dessert. It got to the point where she would finish her food and start asking “cookie?” She remembered even when the cookies weren’t in sight. We were afraid of how she’d react when the cookies were gone. Luckily it went OK!

In other news, remember how I said we’d have the pea and ham risotto again soon? We did, less than a week later. This time it took much less time because I was stirring the risotto constantly. It only took about 20 minutes as opposed to the 45 last time. That was still a rough mean, however, because we gambled on a cranky Allie staying patient waiting for dinner to be ready. You’d think we’d eventually learn our lesson on that!


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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