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I’ve been on the hunt for a carrot cake recipe for what seems like the longest time. I’ve been on a kick where I like to buy something at the farmers market specifically to bake in a treat. I’ve found some yummy things from awesome local produce like cherry muffins and rhubarb cake. I wanted to buy carrots for carrot cake, but every recipe I find is either a layer cake, which is way too much work, and/or has a bunch of goofy extra things like nuts, raisins, coconut and other unlikely ingredients.

But Saturday, without a recipe bookmarked, I bought those carrots, determined to find a recipe.

Here’s what I came up with:

Carrot-zucchini bars! Apparently if you don’t want to do layers, you make carrot bars instead of cake. This is almost what I was looking for. I left out the walnuts and raisins. I like walnuts and raisins just fine but Allie wouldn’t be able to enjoy these with the nuts in… and she enjoyed it! I like the combination of zucchini and carrot. And of course, what everyone likes the most about carrot cake… cream cheese frosting! And who knew cream cheese frosting was so easy? Its just cream cheese and powdered sugar!

It took awhile to shred the zucchini and carrots, partly because the carrots I bought, while not baby carrots, were small. I started shredding around 7:30 and figured I’d either save them to make the next night, or make them right away depending on what time I got the shredding done. It was getting late-ish and I wanted to get to bed (I’ve been struggling for enough sleep lately), but I could tell it would come together quickly once I got the shredding done. And I was right.

I was really productive last night because while the bars were baking I prepped mexican minestrone in the crock pot to cook today.

So these bars are good, but maybe not great. But its partly my fault. I was in a hurry to get to bed so I didn’t let them bake as long as I should have. I wasn’t sure if the toothpick came out clean (hard to tell sometimes if its just crumbs or it really isn’t baked all the way, in my opinion). So I took them out too soon. Then I frosted before it was completely cool. I don’t think that affected the quality too much. The bars a a dense but tiny bit doughy texture. Its sweet too, the dough was sweet and of course the frosting adds to it. Its that kind of bar thats a little too rich and fills you up right away, but you find yourself wanting more in spite of the tummy ache.
Don’t get me wrong… I’m not completely sold on these, but we’ve had no trouble eating them!
I don’t have weight watchers anymore to figure out points. I could plug the recipe in some sort of calorie calculator, but I probably won’t. Even though these are pretty sweet, its with honey and brown sugar and not a huge amount. And with all the carrot and zuccini, isn’t it possible these aren’t totally terrible for me? I should probably actually calculate it to find out. The recipe said to cut into 36 bars and I cut it into 32. The problem with that many is that they’re small so eat more than one at a time!
I’m not sure if I’ll try these again to get them right or move on to the next recipe. I still have about half the carrots so I could try it again. Tomorrow we’re having treats at work and I am considering bringing some of these to share, but I’m not sure if it would get too messy or not go over well with the doughy parts. I think I’ll just keep them here for us. 🙂

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