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Well, in the past two weeks everyone around me who could be sick, was. Allie brought it into the house and then Dada got (and still has) it. Coworkers have been sick along with one of our daycare’s kids. I got the first tickle in my nose and scratch in my throat Friday morning. Saturday I was miserable through the middle of the night but felt OK during the day as Allie and I headed to my cousin’s baby shower with mom, Julie and two of Allie’s cousins. But by the time we left I knew I had fully succombed.

Doug banned me from running this weekend. When I felt OK yesterday I said “we’ll see.” Well, we have seen and I’m banned from running. Now the question is for how long. The unfortuante thing is that the way my breathing/lungs feel, especially how quickly this cold moved into my chest (pretty much right away), I’m afraid this may end up in a bronchaitis-type infection, especially considering I know of at least one case of walking pneumonia encountered this week.

Along with no running, whenever we’re sick Doug and I definitely seek comfort food. Considering how long Doug’s been sick and how sick I got so quickly, we’ve got comfort food to the max. Doug did the grocery shopping and got us each not our first, but SECOND pints of Ben & Jerry’s of the weekend. We also got doughnuts for breakfast that we didn’t eat until lunch time, the kind with frosting and custard filling. And a frozen pizza. Who knows what else we’ll get. No exercise and comfort food, thats a great combination.


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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