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I’m happy to say I’m recovering from my cold. It moved in so quickly but seems to have moved out just as quick. Unfortunately its still holding my breathing hostage a little bit. I ran yesterday for the first time in five days. It was good but also awful. I wanted to do something longer but knew 3 was the more realistic distance and I was totally right. It really surprised me how sore I got later in the evening, it was like I’d had a month off!

Now I’m about to 95%. I’m going to wait until tonight to decide if I’ll try to run again tomorrow or not. I’d like to get another run in, preferably longer. But I will save myself for the race on Sunday if I don’t quite feel up to it. Thats the more imporant run.

So whether I run tomorrow or not, this cold gave me a little unintended taper before the 10K on Sunday. Maybe that will up my chances of getting that new PR?

Even with minimal running and the comfort food, my weight was actually a little bit down yesterday from last week. So that was a nice surprise, but a little bit of a bummer too. Because perhaps if I’d been able to run my normal routine I might have actually had a loss! Oh well, at least it wasn’t a gain. Maybe this week. I’ll keep working on it.


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

One thought on “Health-imposed taper

  1. Crossing my fingers that you'll be feeling rested and ready to PR on Sunday!

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