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I just realized I never did a September in review! September wasn’t anything special, really. I ran 69.7 miles, my lowest mileage since running 66 miles in June. I thought September would be the month I’d finally make it to 100, but I lost a long run when I was sick. The next weekend I had my 10K, so missing another long run. I also missed another run and shortened others when I was sick. Oh well.

So now we’re into October and I’ve already run 30 miles! I’m hoping this month will be 100, but it depends on how much I run after the half marathon. My plans are all screwy now with the half two weeks earlier than planned! I have total confidence for the half, however. I decided I will do a long run on Saturday because September was basically one long taper. I recovered well after running 13 on Thursday, so I think 10 on Saturday won’t be a problem leading up to the half.

Its dark during my entire morning run now. The sun is barely starting to rise by the time I get done. We’ll have the time change at the end of the month that I think may get me a little daylight for a week or so. Then it’ll be winter… I don’t really know what this winter will bring. Last winter I retired to the treadmill and had a hard time with shin splints. My legs are stronger now though, and I know which treadmills are the good ones that don’t bother my shins. For the winter I don’t know if I’ll keep four running days or drop to three. I’m hoping that maybe I won’t be such a wuss this year and do more outside running even in the dead of winter.

Once sping comes, I’m hoping to add a fifth running day (after adding the fourth one back, of course). I want to run three half marathons next year. I’d like one of them to be in Chicago. I don’t think I’ll try for a full next year, unless I happen to get into the NY Marathon. When I finished 13 last week, I decided I might never run a full! But I’ll run a full if I get into New York or maybe Chicago.


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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