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There’s nothing that makes me want to run like not being able to! Especially when the weather is so nice after work. It hasn’t been nice the last two days, but Tuesday afternoon was gorgeous and I swear everyone out running was taunting me.

This will be the longest running break I’ve had in awhile. And even though I didn’t want to run my last few times, its funny how I react when I can’t! My motivation for running is back for sure. I’m still hoping to do the Girls on the Run 5K the weekend after next. I haven’t registered yet, so at least I wouldn’t be wasting money if I didn’t run. I am registered for the Berbee Derby on Thanksgiving Day. I’m sure I’ll be back on the road, or at least the treadmill, in time to prepare for that race.

I’m recovering. I still don’t know when I’ll be able to run again. But my ankle is getting stronger. I’m trying to exercise it and I’m walking well now without the air cast. I hope to try some form or cardio this weekend. But I can’t predict when I could run just yet. The swelling goes down a bit at night and then goes up a bit during the day since I can’t put my feet up at work. I went back to work on Tuesday, though I probably shouldn’t have. I’m hoping the swelling will be gone soon because I’d like to do more at night than just laying on the couch with my foot propped up on pillows.

I sprained my other ankle exactly two weeks before this one. I had my half marathon that weekend and was able to run no problem. This weekend is the half marathon that I had planned on running before I won free entry into the ZOOMA half. I definitely couldn’t run a half this weekend because this injury is way worse. Its funny how that works sometimes, but that doesn’t make me any less cranky about not running!

My hand got two pretty nasty wounds. I basically lost a layer of skin in a couple places. I was a little concerned for the first two days by the amount of gunk coming out of the wound. But I’m guessing thats normal for a deep wound like the ones I have. I’m happy to report that there’s no more gunk coming out and it looks like the skin is regenerating itself. I’m still using neosporin and covering with bandaids. It really stings if I leave it exposed to the air too long. I’m dreading how it will feel once it scabs over.

I didn’t notice initially when I fell, but I messed up my left arm pretty good. Over the last few days its gotten pretty weak and sore. Its been really hard to get dressed or reach for things with that hand. Even buckling and unbuckling my seatbelt in the car is difficult. But thats improving too.

So I’m recovering and cranky. I’m unhappy with the things I still can’t do. But I suppose I’m happy I’m not hurt worse and that I’m getting better, bla bla bla.


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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