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I spent two hours Friday night in the immediate care clinic to find out my ankle is indeed just sprained. I knew it wasn’t broken, I wouldn’t have been able to walk around all week if it was broken. I was mad I wasted the time, but it wasn’t a total waste because I got a snazzy new ankle brace out of it. Its a nice lace-up one that I don’t think you can buy in stores. This is good because despite the fact that I sprain my ankles regularly, I couldn’t find the last ankle brace I bought. You’d think I’d keep my ankle braces around.

I was kind of mad though that the doctor didn’t even examine me. He just read the xray and came in and told me its not broken. No examination to determine the severity of the injury… though I guess that doesn’t really matter. It wouldn’t change my recovery I suppose.

Oh, and I’m referred to physical therapy. A referral isn’t even needed for PT anymore, I should have called for an appointment this week and saved the time. At least this will be an opportunity to seek therapy for my other ankle thats been hurting for a couple months now with no apparent injury.

I went to the doctor Friday because my foot/ankle were still really swollen. I think it would have gone down faster if I hadn’t been working all week, I just couldn’t put my foot up much. I had also stopped wearing the air cast. I think the compression of my new brace has been key to restoring my foot back to its normal size.

It hurts a bit more in some places, but I feel like overall my ankle is regaining strength and flexibility. I’m doing some stretching exercises, pointing and flexing, tracing the ABCs. I had hoped to do some kind of cardio workout this weekend, but I’m going to wait another day or two. Its been a week since I worked out last. I’m frustrated, sad and just ticked off.

The Girls on the Run 5K next weekend is out. Luckily I hadn’t registered for it yet. I’m not sure about the Berbee Derby. I think I will run but maybe I’ll drop to the 5K. That will depend on when I can start running again. I would be ever so happy if I could run before the end of this week.

The wounds on my hands are healing nicely too. So I could do cross training that uses the hands! Its been so annoying this week trying to do things one-handed, just because I took off a layer of skin when I fell. I’m happy though that it looks like it’s not going to scab. Its WAY less painful than it was two days ago.

So thats where I am now. I’m trying not to whine.


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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