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Not a whole lot to report here. I ran a few steps to get to the bus stop yesterday and running is still out of the question. I’m so sad, but not as upset as I expected to be. I guess just because I’ve dealt with injuries before and come back from it and I know (at least I hope!) this won’t turn into a year-long layoff. But its frustrating I have yet to log any miles in November! I only have 23 miles to go to meet my mileage goal for they year and I have no idea when I will be logging miles again.

I’ve gotten e-stim therapy at the chirpractor’s office a few times and that is a godsend! When I got it last Saturday, what followed was the first improvement I’d felt in about four days. It has really improved a bit every day since. I got the therapy again last night and its had more improvement!

I have my first physical therapy appointment on Tuesday. I was on the cancellation list and I was really surprised I didn’t get an earlier appointment. They did say though that it always fills up quicker during the holidays, maybe because more staff is on vacation or more people are getting hurt? Oh well, I only have to wait five more days.

I’m still going back and forth on the Berbee Derby. I don’t know if its worth it to inquire about switching to the 5K or just go ahead and walk the 5K. If I was suddenly able to run at the beginning of next week, I could run 5K, but I doubt I could run 10K right away just because of the fitness/endurance I have lost.

Blech. At least its been improving day by day. I was a bit concerned about my achilles and/or posterior tibial tendon, but I think those are OK. I think they may have been affected by the injury, but they have improved in the last few days so I’m not worried about them anymore.

Its just frustrating that there’s nothing I can do but wait! Its not going to do me any good to try and run if it still hurts! I did a spin video on Tuesday and am confident I can do a full spin class any my ankle will survive. I did bodypump last weekend and I want to do bodyflow this weekend. At least if I’m not going to run I’m going to work on all my cross training! In spite of my not running, I have lost a couple pounds! Perhaps my body wanted a break to let go of the weight? Whatever. I’d still rather be running.


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I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

One thought on “Waiting

  1. That's frustrating. I've heard they changed the Berbee Derby 5k course so hopefully it's a little more scenic than in years past.

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