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Almost three weeks after injuring my ankle, I surprised myself with a little running yesterday! I ran three 5:5 intervals and was pleasantly surprised that I’ve lost little to no fitness. It was slow but good. I would have run another interval, but my ankle was getting tired. It felt good to run, but my ankle still hurts a decent amount. The worst pain is when I point my foot too much. So I don’t necessarily think running is a great idea right now. I will probably wait awhile before I try again. But it was nice to find out I’m still in some decent running shape.

When I run again will depend a lot on how my physical therapy goes tomorrow. I had e-stim therapy three times last week. It has helped a lot, but a bruise developed on my ankle after I had it done on Saturday. I went to bodyflow after that treatment so I don’t know if therapy followed by bodyflow was a bit much or maybe e-stim three times in 8 days was a bit much! I guess I’ll see tomorrow.

Speaking of bodyflow, I am back to having terrible balance again. And parts of the class were harder on my ankle than I expected. But overall it was great to be back. As much as I’d rather be running, it is really nice to be doing a bunch of different workouts that I don’t generally have time for. Cutting back on the running over the winter was part of my plans anyway, I just ended up cutting back sooner than planned.

The weather on Thanksgiving day is supposed to be really nice. The early forecast is a low of 41 and a high of 53 and mostly sunny. So I’ll be walking the 5K and Doug and Allie will join me, even though they didn’t pay to sign up. I guess techincally they’ll be bandits, but a 5K walk that isn’t timed doesn’t really seem necessary to pay for unless you want a t-shirt. While its disappointing that I’ll miss running in such nice weather, it will be nice to walk as a family!


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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