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The Berbee Derby just isn’t my race

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Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, which means Berbee Derby time. I like this race, but maybe its just not the race for me. I won’t be running tomorrow. That means that out of the three Berbee Derbies I’ve registered for, I’ve only actually run one. Thats not really a great success rate! I registered in 2008 and then was benched by my pelvic stress fracture. I ran the 10K last year. This year I signed up about four days before spraining my ankle! I will be walking the 5K tomorrow, but that’s totally not the same as running it!

I had my first physical therapy appointment yesterday. It was what I expected. I was glad to find out my therapist doesn’t think I have any problem in my foot other than the sprained ankle. I’d been concerned about some other pain in my ankle and achilles, but he said thats all related to the sprain and will get better.

So it was the usual assessment and then setting the exercises to increase the range of motion. I actually have a pretty limited range of motion in general (even though all my other joints are hyper mobile). So I’m going to do the stretches to increase that. I have some biomechanic issues that make me more prone to spraining ankles that we’re going to address too. Apparently when I stand my feet kind of point/slant inward, which I can add to the list of the reasons I’m prone to spraining ankles. I’m knock-kneed, which has to do with the strength of my hips/buttocks. At least thats how I remember him explaining it to me. So I have some exercises to start with my hips.

The other outcome is that I’m strongly advised to not even attempt running for at least the next two weeks. I’m also advised to cut down on instensity and weight-bearing workouts. Thats a bit disappointing, but not surprising. There still is plenty I can do though, just not as much as I want. So yeah, I’m disappointed, but I’m also glad there’s nothing worse going on!


Author: Jessica

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One thought on “The Berbee Derby just isn’t my race

  1. I also have a love-hate relationship with that race. It seems like on even years (08, 10) it goes really well for me and on odd years (09, 11) I really tank it. Oh well, I guess that means I'll be on the upswing next year.

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