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This year my mileage goal is 900. That works out to 17.3 miles per week and 75 miles per month. I would have gotten near 850 in 2011 if I hadn’t sprained my ankle, so I think 900 is obtainable if a little ambitious. Last year I participated in a game on the Runner’s World forums where we were put together as teams to log our miles and reach our goals. It was a great motivator and I’m participating again this year. In the game we can adjust our goals up or down as necessary by the end of June. I started with 600 as my goal last year and changed it to 700.

The miles will be slower coming until the weather warms up and I can run outside again. But when I’m running outside I easily log 80 mile months, or more.

I want to run more 100-mile months. And hopefully if I run 100 miles in a month I don’t follow up with a 0!

I’d like to race more. And I’d like to continue improving my times in races. While I’d like to PR more, I’ll settle for improvement. If I didn’t have to go inside for the winter and lower my mileage I’m sure I’d be breaking PRs all over the place. But I’ll work with what I can get.

Last year I ran two half marathons. In the past I’d thought 2012 would be the year I’d try a full. Now I don’t think I have it in me to run a full… at least not this year. Instead I want to run four half marathons. And I’d like to run 12 races for 2012. I’m not fast, but the races are what keep me motivated. I lost motivation a couple times last year so hopefully the races and goal to run 12 of them will keep my motivation up.

I haven’t picked all my races yet, but I have certain ones I like to run every year if they fit into my calendar and budget. The Shamrock Shuffle is one I’ve been involved in every year since I started running… 2009 I volunteered. This year will be my fifth. My first half marathon will be in April in Kansas City. Other than that I’m looking through the calendar for a tentative race schedule. My race schedule is always up for change though. But hopefully the halfs won’t change!

Other less concrete goals are to cross train more, including weight training. I reaped many benefits with the cross training I did after I sprained my ankle. I’d like to keep that up. I would also like to continue what I started last year and try to cook new things on a fairly regular basis. I got a Food Network desk calendar for my birthday, which will help me in this goal.

And of course I have my weight loss goal. I weighed in at 178 this morning, a bit up from my usual. Thats to be expected though at the end of the holidays. My goal is 140. So as of today, I only have 38 pounds to that goal. Considering I lost 43 last year, I have total confidence in losing 38 this year!


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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