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Our food this week: Pork and rice quesadillas, pasta with sausage and vegetables

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One goal I have for this year is to cook more consistently. I want to do this by combining quick and simple dishes with a few more involved dishes and trying at least one new dish per week.

We’ve recently discovered Allie’s love for quesadillas. So in planning our menu for the week, I searched for a quesadilla recipe that was more than just cheese, since Dada isn’t a fan of cheese. I found these pork and rice quesadillas.

These turned out so good! They were a bit more work than I was expecting to put in for quesadillas, but worth it. The recipe called for pork loin, but I used chops instead. I cut them in squares and cooked them in the same skillet I later cooked the onions and peppers in. The other main ingredients are instant rice (I used brown), black beans and shredded cheese. I used mozzarella instead of Monterrey jack. I skipped the red pepper flakes because I wanted Allie to eat it. The BBQ sauce and Worcestershire sauce made it tangy! The instructions mention adding tomatoes, though they weren’t on the ingredient list so I didn’t have any. There were so many things in the quesadillas though that I think it would have been too much.

I occasionally make potato quesadillas and would cook them in a skillet. I never thought of using the griddle to cook the quesadillas, but its perfect! They got nice and crispy!

The recipe made six quesadillas with burrito size tortillas, which was way too much for us. We have two and a half left in the fridge for lunches… so we’ll get to find out how well they reheat. I think in the future I’ll use the smaller tortillas and save half of the pork and rice mixture for later. Perhaps I can freeze it.

Overall, these quesadillas will be made again. They did come together fairly quickly. The great thing is that I think I can fairly easily change the recipe to be more simple or to change out ingredients. With this one recipe I can experiment and make something different every time.

Another favorite recipe that I’m not sure I’ve ever posted about before is pasta with sausage and vegetables.

We really enjoy this dish and it lasts a long time. I love the taste that comes from the tomato/basil/parmesan combination. We’ve been having it for lunch every day this week and there’s still a few servings left. It comes together pretty quickly in the time it takes to cook the pasta. Allie likes the noodles and tomatoes, and Mama and Dada like the spicy sausage. I leave the sausage out of what I give Allie.


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