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This weekend we wanted to go somewhere for Allie to play. I have a few web sites I look at for ideas of what to do with Allie and it has a section on open gym times. I was surprised to find there weren’t very many that have open gym on Saturday! That doesn’t make sense to me.

But we found Bouncy Town USA in Windsor. Its a half hour away, but worked out well because it’s only $5 and its open until 8. Allie hadn’t taken a nap on Friday so it worked out for her to nap and then we headed out to bounce.

Allie had fun! It was decently busy, but the toddler areas were empty. She enjoyed it, but I think she would have more fun next time if we went with a friend.

It was a fun evening. After playing for a little over an hour we went to Chili’s for dinner using the gift card Dada got for his birthday. We had to wait about a half hour but Allie was really good during the wait and the meal. A few of the restaurant staff stopped at the table because she was being so cute. And when anyone came by, Allie definitely turned on the charm!


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